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H-license plate for mass-produced oldtimers not justified?

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Oldtimer check winter summer classic e1615612814951 H license plate for masses oldtimers not justified?

Rumors are currently circulating online (including from the trade journal "Auto Bild Klassik") that the Federal Ministry of Transport is examining plans according to which only Top vehicles of mass old timers like that Volkswagen Golf 2, OnePretzel beetle, an Opel Astra or Mercedes-Benz 190 a H-plates should get. It says: "When assessing the condition of the vehicle, age, frequency, purpose and originality must be taken into account.“Something like that would be a scandal in our eyes! But what exactly do they rumor? Recently, an explosive secret paper was allegedly published on the rules for assigning H-plates to historically valuable vehicles (for the "maintenance of the automotive cultural property") released. According to this, examiners can use a significantly tighter check carry out whether the vehicle meets the requirements for the H plate at all. Allegedly, the explosive paper is currently with the Federal Ministry of Transport. If the tightening stipulated therein becomes valid, age will also play a role in the future the frequency of the vehicle.

No H-plate for mass-produced classic cars?

H license plate classic car H license plate for the masses of classic cars not justified?

Specifically, inspectors can give younger and, above all, often existing vehicles the status of a classic car verweigernif their state deviates only slightly from the ideal state. H-plates make it easier to keep oldtimers with condition 3. Should, for example, the worn seat of a VW Golf 2, the sun-bleached parcel shelf of a Lancia Delta or the large number of cars Mercedes-Benz 190 can really be decisive in ensuring that the vehicles have the culturally important H license plate not received? We see that cannot so! Because the flat rate Road tax for classic cars In the amount of 191,73 euros, it also enables the less well-heeled to drive and maintain a classic car. In the future, inspectors could then simply refer to more frequently used vehicles by referring to their frequency No say and the status of a classic car cannot To give. That would have serious consequences. It would, for example, lead to the already thinned stock of vehicles continues to dwindle.

The scheme would be a scandal & chicane!

Oldtimer condition H license plate H license plate for masses Oldtimer not justified?

Because normally old vehicles have to be in the transition phase from Youngtimer to oldtimer often having a hard time as a simple used car behind them. Many of these vehicles are only saved by the prospect of the coveted H license plate and the willing hand of an owner who takes the vehicle lovingly and carefully through this phase. Stricter rules would stamp out cheap vehicles. Classic cars as a hobby are increasingly becoming a hobby for owners with a lot of money become what some of them already are. Anyone who keeps a classic car on the road knows what a huge effort it is. Even now, a classic cannot be insured without another everyday vehicle. So if the legislature is afraid of tax-privileged everyday vehicles, that's completely unfounded. An H mark is suitable like that 07 license plate not to save money. It would be a shame if only flawless vehicles were given an H license plate. For us it would even be a scandal!

Oldtimer condition grade 3 H license plate for masses Oldtimer not justified?

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Bu% C3% 9Fgeldbescheid Blitzer Geb% C3% BChr objection 310x165 H license plate for mass oldtimer not justified?

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Auto parts Counterfeit products online 2 310x165 H License plate for mass classic cars not justified?

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