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Bedtime: really mothball oldtimers / sports cars!

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Oldtimer condition grade 2 Bedtime: Oldtimer / sports car properly mothball!

When the turn of the year arrives again, valuable vintage and sports cars should be stored will. Some cars just weren't made for winter time. Weather conditions such as wetness or salt and snow can affect the vehicle to damage. Particularly high-quality cars such as vintage cars or expensive athletes are then considered protect. It is important here to avoid the case that the vehicles are worth diminished will. Therefore, many use Seasonal license plates (also known as H season license plate) and lock the vehicle in the garage over the winter. Before However, there are a few things to consider. It starts with the last trip and continues with the car wash. It is important to prepare the vehicles well for storage. Otherwise it can cause damage. And in any case, a suitable storage room must be used. A damp garage is a disaster!

Prepare the vehicle for storage!

Oldtimer Check Winter Summer Classics e1615612814951 Bedtime: Mothball oldtimers / sports cars properly!

No matter how old the car is, it has to be done again beforehand be driven warm. This is the best way to protect the engine. The engine should be stressed so that the condensation in the exhaust can evaporate. And as a result, the heating also removes additional moisture from the interior. In order for this to work, of course, the heating must be installed beforehand to the maximum be placed for about 15 minutes. After that the vehicle should be ventilated. To do this, the tank must be filled up. In vehicles with a metal tank, this prevents rust in the tank. Then another is added Gasoline stabilizer and done. After the beloved car is then parked in the warehouse, can an oil-soaked rag can be plugged into the exhaust pipe. This avoids further condensation.

Attention must be paid to cleanliness

The car has to be inside and outside getting cleaned. The sub-floor should be the same getting cleaned like the joints and rubber seals. In particular, dirt particles and salt residues must be removed. The seals as well as other rubber parts should also treated with care products. This prevents it from becoming porous. Paint damage, stone chips and scratches should before storage have been repaired. Otherwise it can too Rust come if any car cover is on the vehicle. If there is leather in the interior, so should it treated with care products. The hinges should also greased as well as all fittings dried off will. This prevents mold and especially wrinkles in the textiles. Otherwise the mold would lead to a poisonous smell in the interior.

Electromod E Mod Restomod Tuning Oldtimer bedtime: mothball oldtimers / sports cars properly!

Antique car: It is important the subfloor and the paintwork wash thoroughly. Otherwise there will be rust and changes in the paintwork. In the worst case, older models can produce real rust holes. It is therefore essential to remove dirt, faeces and salt.

The test for the winter

The same applies in the workshop as at home. Before the beloved car is stored, there must be leaks recognized, checked and fixed will. Particular attention must be paid to the engine compartment. Everything that is liquid must be replenished and, at best, replaced. A major technical inspection before hibernation with the replacement of the operating equipment is actually part of it. These include the brake fluid and Antifreeze and of course that too coolant.

Oldtimer full certificate §23 stvzo lift e1593500356295 Bedtime: Oldtimer / sports car properly mothball!

Extra tip: Older models should previously a complete oil change get with the exchange of the oil filter. This protects the engine. They are just as sensitive spark, these should also be exchanged or at least checked. This protects the starter and battery.

Don't forget to charge the battery

So that the car also starts after storage, you should take care of the battery beforehand. This means the battery disconnect or remove immediately. Batteries, like a good bottle of wine, should be stored in a cool place. Also, it should not be forgotten to use them monthly to charge. Otherwise it will become weaker and weaker, fail or have less capacity. There are old-timers and sports cars (Ferrari, Maserati) that should be connected to a power source throughout. Otherwise the battery will lose a lot of power or even break. There are various devices such as one for this Battery pulse.

Battery check Measure volts Bedtime: mothball oldtimers / sports cars properly!

Store jacked up: yes or no?

If the vehicle is not jacked up, it may be necessary to use the Tire pressure to check regularly. Generally should be at the latest every 4 weeks the tire can be moved. Alternatively, the tire can with increased pressure (3-4 bar) are relieved. This avoids standing plates. Before the first trip, however, the pressure has to be restored reduced will. And also the handbrake must be released. Otherwise it will stick to the brake discs.

The right cover for the car

In the warehouse / garage, the windows of the vehicle should be a small gap be opened. Any vehicle cover should also be permeable to air. Here is breathable fabric most suitable.

Which camp is best suited!

Vehicles should Dry and also well ventilated be stored. The optimal temperature is approx. 20 degree. The humidity should be as low as possible. If necessary, a Luftentfeuchter should be used.

Folding garage car full garage Carcover hail protection garage 1 Bedtime: mothball oldtimers / sports cars properly!

Use car storage!

Car storage is offered by some car dealers / companies. Glazed vehicle boxes are used for this. With such a box, the car is beautiful to look at and presented. The car dealers then take care of that Services for the stored car. This includes emptying / exchanging liquids and checking the battery as well as the underbody and the lights. Cleaning and care are also part of it. The tires are also moved regularly. In addition, the car can often be picked up and used at any time. For example, when the sun comes out. Of course, it depends on the eventuality Seasonal license plates. But of course car storage also has its price.

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