Replicas under fire: should it be allowed to recreate classic cars?

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C Type Replica Jaguar Lawsuit Replicas under criticism: Should it be allowed to recreate classic cars?

It wasn't that long ago that the designers of a Jaguar C-Type replica were sued for copyright reasons. This enraged many Jaguar fans. Replicas of grandiose sports models such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and others inspire the fans again and again. However, the creators often find that underwhelming and intoxicating klagen. In the case of the C-Type replica won the manufacturer in the first instance. If this judgment would continue to apply, the builder couple would (Karl Magnusson / Ann-Christine) from Sweden probably had serious financial problems. There are currently hot debates on the internet about whether copies can be made just like that.

Part 1: intellectual property may be protected!

McLaren F1 Replica Porsche Boxster Tuning Header Replicas under fire: Should it be allowed to recreate classic cars?

One camp says: "intellectual property may be protected!". But why? For example, because the replicas rarely really work. How many Jaguar, Lamborghini or Ferrari replicas are made on the basis of a Pontiac Fiero-, a Mazda MX-5 or on the basis of a Corvette and are simply put off? Our Tuning fail category houses some such vehicles. That the manufacturers are taking action against these models is understandable even to us. And even if the replicas are well done, you can still own a car copy? After all, we scold like cane sparrows about the Chinese who simply copy our vehicles. Where is the difference? It is of course different if the fan has asked the manufacturer about the reproduction, which was apparently the case in the example above. Is there an official one Approval, then everything is actually in the towel. Basically, one camp goes in the direction of: As an intellectual heritage, the designs belong to the manufacturers and only they can decide on them. And even if the manufacturers make their own replicas for money, as is the case with Jaguar C-type continuation just doing, then that's the way it is.

Part 2: Building replicas should be allowed

V8 Cobra 289FIA as Shelby Cobra replica ERA 25 replicas in the criticism: should it be allowed to recreate classic cars?

The other camp says: "Building replicas should be allowed!". In principle, this party is also of the opinion that manufacturers are allowed to protect their intellectual property. This of course also means that violators are legally charged. However, the other party questions the actual damage to the manufacturer. Is the Jaguar replica mentioned at the beginning actually one serious competition for Jaguar? Especially in view of the fact that there is a Single copy is and will stay? The damage is likely in terms of the image - due to the lawsuit - for Jaguar in any case greater be. Jaguar's good image so far is being maintained by the fans in particular. So if you want to build replicas, you should just do it. At least that's what people think in the second camp. And anyone who wants to support the couple from Sweden can do so do with a donation. By the way, a similar process has already taken place on Ferrari. This was about one Ferrari GTO 250. And how do you think? Put your mustard in it Comments from!

Replica Ferrari 330 LMB Ferrari 330 GT 22 35 Replicas under fire: should it be allowed to recreate classic cars?

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