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Chic but expensive - anodizing of aluminum vehicle parts

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The anodization of vehicle parts is also a kind of tuning for the car. Visually, the vehicle partially benefits enormously from this process. It is important to ensure that the surface of the component is processed in such a way that the layers underneath can not form any rust (oxidation). In principle, anodizing is a particularly safe application for the treatment of aluminum. After all, the components can no longer begin to oxidise. Particularly expensive vehicle parts are often retrospectively upgraded with such a tuning. In addition, it is advisable to immediately change the color of the component in question by anodizing it.

Anodizing process

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The method anodizing is a method of surface engineering. In this case, an oxide protective layer is created on vehicle parts. The anodization is applied almost exclusively on aluminum. The process is anodic oxidation. In the actual implementation of the anodization it is simply a matter of applying a protective layer which protects the aluminum. Anodizing forms an oxide and hydroxide in the upper metal layer. The layer has a height between 5 and 25 microns. The layer underneath is then protected. But that is only as long as it is intact. So if an accident / scratches happen, etc., then the layer can tear and the anodization is broken. The anodizing of different components is offered by different companies. You can certainly consider them in an autotuning even if the company is not a pure car company.

When is the anodization applied?

Anodizing Anodizing Tuning Fancy but expensive anodization of aluminum vehicle parts

As already mentioned, the anodizing process for vehicle parts is only used for very specific aluminum vehicle parts. So you can't anodize the whole car, only certain parts. If the anodizing is successful, the component will be upgraded and you will benefit from it because you have an accessory that cannot rust. Whereby “rusting” is not the correct expression. There is no rust on aluminum in the chemical sense. However, there are some surface changes on aluminum that are reminiscent of rust formation. After successful anodizing, the aluminum is definitely protected and there is no longer any risk of the bare surface oxidizing in the fresh air. Almost all vehicle parts made of aluminum can be anodized. It is important for you that you talk to the company in advance before you order an anodizing.

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Advantages of anodization:

Rust (oxidation) is a thing of the past after anodising. The reacting aluminum will visually no longer harm your car and you will receive a component that will last you for a long time. If the anodization is done correctly, it is extremely stable.

Disadvantages of anodization:

The cost of anodizing can be high. In addition, you should make sure that it works for your component at all. It may be that just your component can not be anodized. If there is already a layer of aluminum oxides, it could be difficult with a successful anodization. Maybe anodizing is a real alternative for you. There are a lot of car owners who want to keep their car and its components as long as possible and there is anodizing available. Nevertheless, one should also keep an eye on the costs and benefits. You have to know if it's profitable. Because in contrast to the classic rust, a layer of aluminum oxide is less bad. Only visually it is a problem.

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