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In the trend - wind deflector for the hood on the car

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Wind deflector Deflector bonnet Deflector Tuning In the trend Wind deflector for the hood on the car

Wind deflectors for engine hoods are useful tuning elements. They are known as “tuning”, ie as an extension of the vehicle to improve the performance in general, as they are not fundamentally part of the vehicle. The task of the wind deflector for the bonnet is to protect the windshield as best as possible. Wind, rain, dust and insects hit the window with an incredible force, especially at high speeds; Wind deflectors carry most of the particles across the window and thus prevent stone chips, for example.

visually quite an eye-catcher

Wind deflector Deflector Bonnet Deflector Tuning 3 In trend Wind deflector for the bonnet on the car

The wind deflectors often have an elegant design, there are also tuners who have wind deflectors attached to their car mainly for stylish reasons. You can buy the wind deflectors online almost everywhere. The prices fluctuate a lot. It is hardly possible to give a general recommendation for certain models; it depends too much on the vehicle. However, it is always good to buy the wind deflectors from the manufacturer of the car, at least if the manufacturer has them on offer. The fit and quality is then almost always perfect. Furthermore, you should make sure, especially if you are dealing with a third-party supplier, that you only buy the wind deflectors for a very specific type of car; it is best to never use universal specimens, as assembly is often difficult and the fit is not guaranteed. You should also make sure that you buy wind deflectors that are mounted with chips or in a similar way; To be on the safe side, do not use wind deflectors that you have to screw on or where assembly appears difficult or unusual elsewhere. Drilling extra holes for a hood deflector should definitely be avoided. Under (EU warehouse for hood deflectors) find one Bonnet deflectors for almost every car model.

But is it worth buying wind deflectors now?

Wind deflector Deflector Bonnet Deflector Tuning 4 In trend Wind deflector for the bonnet on the car

In general, one can say that such an acquisition can be quite worthwhile. The protection is in the foreground and is often guaranteed. Most of the extensions for the car are also modern, which is quite the external impression of the vehicle (especially on a pickup). The danger that the driver could be obstructed in his view or in other ways, is hardly given, as long as the wind deflector is properly mounted and has an approval. As a small counter-argument one could certainly say that you can also foil the front of a car. The film also protects against stone chips or other damage and can be quite cheaper and partly invisible.

And what about the legal situation?

Wind deflector Deflector Bonnet Deflector Tuning 2 In trend Wind deflector for the bonnet on the car

In general, the wind deflector must be considered tuning. For the tuning of a car is known that the vehicle type must not be changed, that the changes to the car may not endanger anyone, that tuning must not lead to a deterioration of noise and emissions of the vehicle and that, of course, must not cause any change, that a vehicle violates the Highway Code. All this is not the case here, so there should not be any problems. In any case, the deflector but should bring an ABE or other official certification mark to be easily installed and used on the vehicle. Finally, a few suppliers of wind deflectors:, Omac -Ford - ClimAir - hoodguard.

E-mark or ABE must be there

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MexiFlush Tuning 310x165 The trend wind deflector for the hood on the car

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Carlashes 3D car eyelash tuning 310x165 In the trend Wind deflector for the hood on the car

Iconic tuning with spotlight screens & taillight tips

Spotlight Screen R% C3% BCarklight Tip Tuning e1561633126453 310x165 On trend Wind deflector for the bonnet on the car

So that the perfect condition remains - the hood protection

Bonnet protection hood bonnet Automask stone guard Tuning 310x165 In the trend Wind deflector for the bonnet on the car

Countless possibilities - clear glass taillights

Clear glass R% C3% Bckleuchten Indicator Headlight Tuning 310x165 On trend Wind deflector for the bonnet on the car

Register a component with EEC approval? We tell you!

EEC type approval E1561635907115 310x165 In the trend Wind deflector for the hood on the car

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  1. Thanks for the nice article! It really protects well the hood and helps with the prevention of rust and also of cracking the window. mine is from that storage in Bulgaria with the largest variety of these hood deflectors in EU in that I like a lot my car with it. Just needs some cleaning from time to time under it.

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