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Tip: Dirt trap as splash and dirt protection

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Mud flaps Mud flaps Tuning tip: Mud flaps as splash water & dirt protection

Mudflaps are rubber straps located at the back of the ends of the wheel arches of all four wheels (sometimes only on the front axle or rear axle) of a car. On them bounced off the wheel objects, such as dirt, stones but also from water and are directed back towards the ground. This reduces the risk of polluting or wetting your own car, but especially other road users by the Aufwirbelung. Also, the visibility of incoming drivers is less affected by the spray of spin-on water.

the history of the mudflaps

Mud flaps Mud flaps tuning stone chips e1562151955893 Tip: Mud flaps as splash water & dirt protection

Already in the late fifties, many experts noticed that the waste water raised by cars on wet roads and above all when driving through puddles had negative effects on traffic. Other cars are polluted by the water, the driver's vision is obstructed and swirling stones or other harder particles cause damage to the paint that can not be easily washed off. In vehicles with steep corners, the entire rear is often so dirty that the number plate is illegible and the function of the taillights is impaired. Not to mention the rear window. Here the rear window wiper is indispensable. This also creates an increased risk of accidents due to splashed dirt and splashing water. In addition, cyclists and pedestrians are affected. With them, not only does the bike become dirty, but the clothes are soaked and the impact of stones is painful and can lead to injuries.

in Germany only for trucks obligatory

Mud flaps Mud flaps Tuning 2 Tip: Mud flaps as splash water & dirt protection

In Sweden and Holland, therefore, mudflaps were already introduced in the fifties. Even in Germany, the Institute of Automotive Engineering at the Technical University of Braunschweig came after extensive tests in the year 1957 to the conclusion that mudflaps represent the most effective splash protection for the car. Based on this recommendation, 1960 should be made compulsory with the 36a section of the Admission Regulations for spray water protection in Germany as well. However, the unclear wording of the law created confusion for the automobile lobby to overturn the law 1962. Since then, mudflaps in Germany are only mandatory for trucks. Cars are often produced as standard only with mounts for mud flaps. The mud flaps themselves must be purchased separately as an accessory if required.

Mudflaps for your car?

Mud flaps Mud flaps Tuning 4 e1562151981460 Tip: Mud flaps as splash water & dirt protection

If you want to protect your car and your fellow human from contamination by splashing water and paint damage by whirling up stones, you can easily buy mudflaps everywhere in the specialized trade. They are cheap and easy to assemble and almost always universal. Thanks to their inconspicuous shape and color and the hidden position at the bottom of the wheel arch, you will hardly notice your car. So, the look is not substantially compromised and you may save yourself and others some carwashes, paint repairs, and maybe even dispute and laundry costs for the soiled clothing of angry fellow citizens. If you do not want to or can not mount the mud flaps yourself, you can have the assembly carried out quickly and easily in every garage.

Mudflaps are available at a narrow price

Mud flaps Mud flaps Tuning 5 Tip: Mud flaps as splash water & dirt protection

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