A classic from old times - Fuchsfelgen on the car

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fuchsfelgen Baroque wheels Forged wheels Tuning A classic from old times Fuchsfelgen on the car

The Fuchsfelgen already have a mystical character and are still very popular today. Actually, it is an impeller, and there were some special features here. Pioneer of this rim was, as well as with the telephone wheels, the manufacturer Porsche, because until then they were looking for a robust wheel made from one piece. This is also the Fuchsfelge, because it was the first forged wheel that was ever built. The manufacturer at that time was OTTO FUCHS, whereby the advantages were recognized directly by the car manufacturers. Tip: New rims for the car? It is important to pay attention to this before buying!

Fuchsfelgen - the first forged wheels

fuchsfelgen Baroque wheels Forged wheels Tuning 2 A classic from old days Fuchsfelgen am Auto

Because the manufacturers were all looking for a light and at the same time very robust wheel. The Fuchsfelgen were installed on the Porsche 1965 in 911 and there they immediately attracted attention not only from the manufacturers of other vehicles. Today the Fuchsfelgen are made of aluminum, whereby the wing shape has hardly changed until today. Modern and nostalgic, both have been processed appropriately and can still be used. An advantage that not only fans of classic cars appreciate, but that also comes into its own on other vehicles. Of course there are also originals, which are only very rarely sold. Of course, other manufacturers like Mercedes have given their bike a different name. That's how it went Barockrad made of aluminum, which made the Fuchs rim even lighter.

BMW and the Fuchsfelge

fuchsfelgen Baroque wheels Forged wheels Tuning 3 A classic from old days Fuchsfelgen am Auto

Today this rim stands for sportiness, which is understandable. Because the Fuchsfelge offers hardly any resistance when driving fast, which is a significant advantage for higher speeds. But even in the city everyone can admire a Fuchsfelge, for example on a BMW, because it really catches the eye. Thus the Fuchsfelge is more than just a nostalgic rim. Rather, their advantages are still used today, even if the material has changed. Lightweight and yet robust, the first Fuchsfelge was able to convince back in the 1965s. Precisely because these sought-after properties were not yet available, the Fuchsfelge was immediately copied. But in the end Porsche succeeded in what all car manufacturers had been looking for for a long time.

Also current vehicles are on Fuchsfelgen

fuchsfelgen Baroque wheels Forged wheels Tuning 4 A classic from old days Fuchsfelgen am Auto

A sensible invention that is still used today. And the Fuchsfelgen apparently still have a long future. They are currently also being used in hybrid vehicles and we have also seen electric vehicles on lightweight Fuchs rims. Because an important advantage is that the Fuchsfelge is light and therefore suitable for all vehicles. The newer models are available for all car models, which in turn is a major advantage. Forged casting is no longer the chosen material, although there are exceptions here as well. Originals are still being built for classic cars, even if they are not made by OTTO HAHN. The sensation that still drives today still convinces all car owners. The Fuchsfelge represents an exception for the rims.

In summary the Fuchsfelgen and what you should know:

  • real Fuchsfelgen are the brand "fuchsfelge“Of Otto Fuchs KG in Meinerzhagen
  • previously installed on Porsche 911, Mercedes W 108 / W 109, NSU Ro 80 and various Audi, BMW and Opel
  • Fuchsfelgen is also available in a new edition as Fuchsfelge Evolution (Design based on the classics)
  • Fuchsfelgen are almost always made of Aluminium with something magnesium and Titan
  • popular Fuchsfelgen surfaces
    - Three-layer paint (Standard paint from acrylic clear paint, wet paint, polyester primer)
  • - Bicolour, high-gloss polished (Ventilation hole windows in the wheel are painted in color, there are also silver-polished spoke tops that are sealed with acrylic clear paint)
    - Slide ground (similar to chrome, wheel surface polished and clear lacquered using the vibratory finishing process)
    - anodized (only works with forged wheels)
    - High-sheen / deburred / polished (Wheel is painted and then polished)
    - BICOLOR, ANODISED (with three-layer coating, turned off in the visible area, polished, coated with clear lacquer powder)
  • Care of the Fuchsfelgen:
    - Depending on the surface finish with warm water and a pH-neutral cleaner
    - Do not use any alkaline or acidic rim cleaners
    - only clean rims that have cooled down
    - Apply cleaner with a cloth or sponge
    - do not use steel wool, abrasives, etc.
    - Also remove dirt, salt and brake dust from the rear of the rims
    - do not use a high pressure cleaner
    - in winter clean about once a week
    - in summer about once a month

2018 Singer Porsche 911 DLS 40 boxer engine tuning 6 A classic from old times Fuchsfelgen on the car

Of course that had not happened yet!

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