Perforated - Louvers (air vents) on the vehicle

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Tuning Porsche 911 GT2 1015 BiTurbo Perforates Louvers (air vents) on the vehicle

How Louvers (air vents, Radhausentlüftungen, hood eyes, etc.) in the car aerodynamics improve, show the engineers from Zuffenhausen on 911 GT2 RS. The vehicle must achieve the highest possible maximum speed and thus have the lowest possible air resistance (Cw value). A Porsche is good not only on the straight, but also in a circuit operation, this he must produce the highest possible output. This is a rather tricky task, whose solution to Porsche 911 GT2 RS is very well done.

Louvers (air vents, Radhausentlüftungen, hood eyes)

Porsche 911 GT2 RS Perforates Louvers (air vents) on the vehicle

The vehicle has powerful air intakes in the aerodynamically shaped front apron. This ensures optimal cooling. The flow through the center cooler is flowed through by the additional exhaust air opening. This also provides through the deflection of the air for an aerodynamic downforce on the front axle. But the biggest downforce on the front axle is caused by the bow spoiler lip, which is very wide. Motorsport also features the front wheel arch ventilation of the fenders. The louvered wheel arch vents ensure, as the name implies, for a ventilation of the front wheel arches. The overpressure caused by the rotating wheels is thereby reduced. This also reduces the buoyancy. Parallels between these Louvers and the gills of a shark can not be denied.

770 PS Techart GTstreet RS 2019 Porsche 991.2 Tuning 24 Perforates Louvers (air vents) on the vehicle

From the 911 GT3 Cup comes the interior ventilation. These are called NACA air inlets and are located on the front cover. The 911 GT2 RS is used to ventilate the brakes. And this is the first time that they are used in a standard Porsche. The special thing is that the Cw value, ie the drag coefficient, is not deteriorated. The form was developed by the predecessor of the Raumfartbehörde NASA. This is called National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA), where the name NACA air intakes comes from. In summary, Louvers (air vents, wheel arch vents, etc.) can provide good looping for optimal aerodynamics. In addition, they can provide for a good drag coefficient (Cw value), which brings for a high maximum speed and thus for the straight benefits. If these are harmoniously integrated into the design, as in the case of the 911 GT2 RS, this not only results in aerodynamic advantages, but also ensures a sporty appearance.

Further aerodynamic optimizations

770 PS Techart GTstreet RS 2019 Porsche 991.2 Tuning 27 Perforates Louvers (air vents) on the vehicle

The performance of the 911 GT2 RS is characterized by side air intakes for intercooling, which are very large. In addition, the side skirts were widened, which leads to a larger underbody area and thus increases the downforce. The body is based on the wide body of the 911 Turbo. This can be seen especially in the rear, where flat and darkened LED taillights indicate. Then there is the solid rear wing made of carbon, which contributes its own contribution to performance and aerodynamics. The sideplates are kept in the exterior color, the wing supports are made of brushed aluminum. That leaves a big impression. Of course, the dynamic pressure collector and the two Ram Air hoses on the boot lid are also made of carbon and supply the engine with fresh air. The rear fairing is, as usual for the 911 GT2 RS, equipped with large exhaust vents. The aerodynamics of the diffuser is reinforced by four fins on the rear bumper.

further terms for air openings are:

  • Hood eyes (small round air openings in the hood - e.g. BMW E92 M3)
  • louvers
  • Air intake gills
  • ventilation inlet
  • breather
  • Channels
  • Air vent
  • GTR air intakes

Of course that had not happened yet!

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