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Luftikid - the inflatable child restraint system!

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Luftikid child restraint system Airplane Luftikid the inflatable child restraint system!

Very few will have heard of a so-called Luftikid regarding the safety of their children while driving. These child seats, designed for use in airplanes, have not been produced for some time (as of 11/2019) and are therefore little known to drivers. The LUFTIKID UNO is still available from time to time.

What is an airicide?

Luftikid Child Restraint System Car Airplane 2 Luftikid the inflatable child restraint system!

The child seats are not the usual ideas of a child seat made of plastic and covers. Luftikid exist, as the name suggests, in their inner life of air. The child in the car sits in the Luftikid and has in front of him an elevated catcher body, which is made of plastic and also filled with air. Thus, similar to an airbag larger forces which act, for example, during a collision with another object on the people in the interior of the vehicle, are cushioned for the children. According to the manufacturer, the safety of the child is increased enormously. Luftikids are intended for children weighing between 9 and 25 kg. For the smaller children there is an additional back part. This can be, if the child brings 15 kg on the scales, easily remove again.

What are the strengths and weaknesses?

Luftikid child restraint system car airplane 3 e1575607590590 Luftikid the inflatable child restraint system!

Luftikid can be very useful when used above the clouds, because the child is safe from major impact and has through the increased catcher body an additional storage area. Moreover, thanks to the very simple structure, it is rather difficult to misuse the airicide. The cleaning is also only slightly more complicated. However, this type of child seat is loud a report from the ADAC questionable, which is mainly due to the increased load values ​​in the front and side crash. This can be seen above all from the unfavorable course of the belt. In contrast to conventional child seats, the belt does not lie directly on the child's body, but is passed through an opening in the Luftikid. At the time, the workmanship and the too rough edges and seats were to be criticized.

The conclusion to the Luftikid

The question of whether one should buy such a “child seat replacement” does not arise in this case. Because the Luftikid, which was offered at the time, has long since disappeared from the product range of the manufacturer - and rightly so. The increased security risks identified by the ADAC were simply too great. The Luftikid should not be used in the car. But it can be useful in the airplane. And the Luftikid is often allowed there. Because according to the new EU directive EU-OPS1 in connection with the recommendation of the Federal Aviation Office of July 11.07.2008th, 16.07.2008 the LUFTIKID child restraint system (DUO as well as UNO) can be used in aircraft since July XNUMX, XNUMX. Still, we wanted to try the system and got in touch with the manufacturer. You can find our test report HERE!

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Ladefl% C3% A4chenholz real wood loader% C3% A4che Loader% C3% A4chenbretter3 310x165 Luftikid the inflatable child restraint system!

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