Defect card - what is it? These are the costs and deadlines!

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Defect card Defect report deadline police e1592626423402 Defect card What is it? These are the costs and deadlines!

You always hear and read something from a defect card or report. But what is that actually? Basically, both names refer to defects in a vehicle, but the difference lies in the institution or person who determined the defects (or the defect). The defect report is issued, for example, by the TÜV or another approval body such as KÜS or Dekra. The defect report contains defects on the vehicle that do not comply with the regulations and must be rectified at the latest within one month after the HU (main inspection). For example, if a headlight is not working properly or is set incorrectly. It is a list of all vehicle defects that the vehicle owner must remedy. Can I still drive with the vehicle defects in the defect report? Here it depends on the extent! With a defective rear light, the trip to the workshop is certainly still allowed, but if the wheel suspension is broken, driving on is definitely prohibited.

Deficiency card - from the police

Defect card Defect report Deadline Police Defect certificate Defect card What is this? These are the costs and deadlines!

The defect card, on the other hand, is issued by the police. The police officers record defects on the defect card that do not comply with the rules of the StVZO (Road traffic and licensing authority). For the owner of the vehicle, this means that these defects found must be remedied by a specialist workshop within the period specified on the card. The rectification of these deficiencies must be confirmed by the person or institution who issued the card or was held on the card. In addition, the defect card must be returned to the responsible police station within this time (In person or by post). If this does not happen, the road traffic authority (registration office) will be informed and, in case of doubt, will initiate one closure the operating license of the vehicle (§17 StVZO). The same applies to proceedings if the car was involved in an accident and safe driving is no longer guaranteed. The approval authority can check the elimination of these deficiencies at any time.

TÜV badge Explanation defect card What is it? These are the costs and deadlines!

Examples of typical defects are:

  • clearly expired TÜV badge
  • illegal vehicle parts (illegal tuning)
  • Defective condition of the vehicle, which could have an impact on traffic safety (worn tires, broken headlights, defective wipers etc.)

Illegal tuning, in particular, may result in an immediate further journey being prohibited and the car having to be towed. The vehicle must not take part in road traffic until the defects have been remedied and the onward journey has been granted. After rectifying the defects and submitting the defect card to the office, the owner can be asked to present his car to a registration authority.

Ultra Slammed Lada Niva 4x4 Tekctypa Tuning 12 defect card What is it? These are the costs and deadlines!

In addition, violations can result in significant fines:

  • A distinction is made between A and B violations
  • Defects found are not remedied within one month: 10 EUR
  • Vehicle not shown in time after rectification of defect: 15 EUR
  • Appointment for the due main inspection exceeded by more than 4 to 8 months: 60 EUR + 1 point (the current corono pandemic is currently partially overriding this rule)

When it comes to tuning, horrendous fines can be estimated:

  • ABE or type approval not carried: 10 EUR
  • Vehicle driven without a valid operating license: 50 EUR
  • Impaired the environment by driving without a license: 90 EUR
  • Traffic safety impaired by driving without an operating license: 90 EUR + 1 point.

Characteristics of the defect card summarized

  • is issued by the police and road traffic authorities
  • Vehicle inspection according to § 17 StVZO / § 5 FZV
  • Defect cards issued by the police are shown as a yellow card for road traffic
  • Defects noted on the defect card must be removed quickly
  • Correct removal of defects is confirmed on the card by an authorized person or institution
  • the defect card must be submitted to the responsible police station within the specified period (personally / by post)
  • late receipt of the card can lead to verification, demonstration or decommissioning by the registration office (road traffic authority) (§ 5 FZV Vehicle Registration Ordinance)
  • same procedure also in the event of an accident damage and no longer being able to drive

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Tuev test body TÜV defect card What is it? These are the costs and deadlines!

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