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OEM tuning - subtle autotuning is still in vogue

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Alpina B5's 3 OEM tuning - discreet car tuning is still in vogue
Alpina B5s with BMW Styling 167 rims (from the E63 M6)

Especially in comparison to the shrill and colorful JDM tuning, is this OEM Tuningwhich translated from English "Original Equipment of Manufacturer"Tuning means a very discreet way of refining your car. There is a factory tuning department of almost every car manufacturer, which also offers OEM parts for retrofitting your car. Latest examples are the N-Line packages from Hyundai and GT-Line packages from Kia. The best known OEM tuning departments are the M GmbH from BMW, which offers the M-Sport package for all models and AMG, the Tuningschmiede of Mercedes, which offers an AMG exterior package for many models to upgrade them sporty and discreet.

OEM+-Tuning e.g. from ABT Sportsline

In addition to the OEM tuning, there is also a so-called OEM+-Tuning, which includes not only tuning parts from the original manufacturer of the vehicle, but also parts from other manufacturers, which were designed specifically for a vehicle. The best known examples are Brabus, Lorinser or Carlsson for Mercedes, abbot for VW and Audi as well AC Schnitzer for BMW and Irmscher for Opel, which fall into the category OEM +. These tuning companies specialize in the refinement of certain brands and offer tuning parts with manufacturer warranty for your vehicle, which shine through a high quality and discreet design.

that was a Daihatsu Copen

Liberty Walk Widebody Daihatsu Copen GT K Tuning 6 OEM Tuning - discreet car tuning is still in vogue

In Japan, however, OEM tuning looks very different. Outrageous spoilers, raceparts and conversion kits that turn a Kei Car Roadster into a Nissan GTR or a Ferrari 599 Fiorano in miniature, are also used by factory tuners like Mugen (Honda), Nismo (Nissan) or TRD (Toyota) Favor of the mostly young and car-obsessed clientele, who wants to stand out from the shabby mass and drive something very special, although she remains loyal to the local manufacturers and does not want to buy expensive European imports. In Japan, European cars cost significantly more than in Germany, because there are high taxes on the import of foreign vehicles incurred.

seat leon 5f Bentley Wheel Tuning OEM Tuning - subtle car tuning is still in vogue
Bentley rims on the Seat Leon

Advantages of OEM tuning:

- very high resale value due to original parts from the manufacturer
- discreet, elegant tuning without a craft stall look
- Manufacturer's guarantee on the tuning parts

Disadvantages of OEM tuning:

- higher costs for vehicle parts
- very limited customization options

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