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The tail ladder - practical possibility for the vehicle!

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Rear ladder Roof ladder Side ladder Tuning The tail ladder practical possibility for the vehicle!

Should I install a tail ladder? For cars, the question sounds absurd, of course, but just RVs and vans more often have a permanently installed ladder at the rear of the vehicle. What brings such a ladder, whether you should mount such a ladder and whether that has disadvantages, we summarize in this text.

Why a tail ladder at all?

Rear ladder Roof ladder Side ladder Tuning2 The rear ladder practical option for the vehicle!

A motorhome is significantly larger and in particular higher than a normal car. Therefore, it is not easy to climb the roof without appropriate help. Of course, this task makes a tail ladder immensely easier. Especially in winter, it can be important to clear the roof of snow regularly, otherwise a high pressure on the roof is exercised. But even in summer, the top of the vehicle can quickly become dirty and a cleaning is never wrong in principle. Also for other reasons, facilitating climbing the roof can be a positive thing. For example, anyone who wants to set up their radio antenna at the campsite or has solar cells on the roof can not avoid regular maintenance. Likewise, the roof opens up as an additional storage space thanks to the easy access, which is easily accessible with a roof box. In principle, a tail ladder is therefore often practical.

not only on campers a useful addition

Rear ladder Roof ladder Side ladder Tuning3 The rear ladder practical option for the vehicle!

But by no means the tail ladder is only suitable for campers. Again and again we introduce you to vehicles such as the classic Land Rover Defender which also have a ladder at the rear. Almost always this is then firmly mounted and often even part of a roof structure. But even smaller vehicles such as the Lada Niva, the Suzuki Jimny or the Jeep Wrangler can be equipped with a rear ladder. In addition, they are also on the VW bus and the Mercedes G-Class is seen again and again with a small tail ladder.

But do you have to fix these?

The idea is obvious, just take a freestanding ladder. While this is of course a few issues in the summer, a common ladder is a risk in wet or icy conditions. Also, this must then always be taken and consumed valuable storage space, which you would prefer to use otherwise for longer trips. Thus, a permanently mounted ladder is basically much more practical due to its constant operational readiness and weather resistance. By the way: The tail ladder does not necessarily have to be mounted at the rear. There are also quite ways to obstruct this laterally as side ladder.

Are there any disadvantages of the rear ladder?

The most obvious disadvantage is the look and feel of the vehicle. A ladder at the stern may look strange to one or the other, first of all it often adds several inches of length to the vehicle, which must be taken into account and can not be assessed by the side mirrors. Another disadvantage is that you have to buy and install the ladder (or have to mount). Fortunately, the purchase price is relatively cheap, who also installed the ladder itself can reduce the costs to a minimum.

What options do I have?

There are different types of rear ladders in different price segments, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The classic version consists of a screwed-on ladder at the rear of the vehicle, which is rigid and does not need any mechanics. You can also opt for a telescopic ladder. Telescopic ladders are free-standing ladders that can be folded up. These are then placed in the storage space and function like normal ladders. This reduces the space problem of the normal ladder, but increases the weight and price. Which of the options is the ideal solution for you depends on how much space is available in the motorhome or the desired vehicle and how often the vehicle roof has to be climbed. Incidentally, the alternative for the pickup is a so-called Tailgate tread!

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Rear ladder Roof ladder Side ladder Tuning4 e1572422602288 The rear ladder practical option for the vehicle!

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