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How can you retrofit a ski bag / through-loading in the car?

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Ski bag through-loading hatch retrofitting tuning e1594197791915 How can you retrofit a ski bag / through-loading in the car?

If you want to retrofit a through-loading device that is at best combined with a ski bag, you should pay attention to the exact dimensions and the space for loading. In general, retrofitting a ski bag is possible with various car models and, depending on the model, can also be carried out without major conversion measures. And also various third-party suppliers can offer ski bags for retrofitting the desired vehicle if you do not want to use OEM components or if they simply do not exist. The following explains more about the through-loading system / ski bag and its retrofitting options.

Ski bag - what is this good for?

Ski bag through-loading hatch retrofitting Tuning 2 e1594197977485 How can you retrofit a ski bag / through-loading in the car?

A ski bag is intended for storing and transporting skis. These must be safely stored on the way if the vehicle does not have one, for example Roof rack Has. Sports equipment is subject to wear anyway and should not be further stressed by possible transport damage. And of course the skis are not allowed to fly around in the interior even in the event of an emergency stop and thus become dangerous projectiles. In addition, a ski bag prevents liquids from spreading through the interior, for example due to snow thaw. And a ski bag can also be used for a purpose other than for the transport of various wooden beams or strips. Various ski bags are therefore commercially available, which can be used as storage bags for the expensive sports equipment.

Skis and ski bags - a good combination

Skis stay in shape longer if they are optimally cared for and stored. Furthermore, skis should be able to be transported safely to their destination. Ski bags are used to avoid transport damage and at the same time to have a safe storage place for the skis. Like skis, the articles are available in various lengths depending on the vehicle. Furthermore, the interested tuner can even choose between different designs and thus choose the right ski bag model for his interior. Depending on the model, two pairs of skis can even be stowed and the sticks can usually also be stored in such a ski bag. Which volume a ski bag can hold should be found in the product description for the article and the available space of the hatch is also an important factor. When buying a ski bag, you should pay attention to an easy-to-open variant that can be easily cleaned and is easy to use for the user. Systems in which the ski bag is fastened with a zipper or snap fasteners are certainly an advantage and can therefore be completely removed for cleaning. This variant is also practical if, for example, objects that are longer than the ski bag are to be transported.

Retrofitting a ski bag - do you need a new center armrest?

Ski bag through-loading hatch retrofitting Tuning 3 e1594198095113 How can you retrofit a ski bag / through-loading in the car?

If the vehicle does not have a device for transporting a ski bag or a pair of skis but already has a hatch, then it can be worth retrofitting a ski bag for the car. Depending on the car model and the type of hatch, there may not be a need for a great renovation. The ski bag can be pushed through and is either attached to the hatch directly or to the side of the rear bench seat facing the trunk. But there are also car models on the market that require a new center armrest or rear seat, since the factory-made may not be intended as a hatch. If a new center armrest is necessary, then the vehicle manufacturer should be asked in advance for a solution to retrofit the ski bag. For vehicles without a hatch at the factory, it is necessary to find out in advance to what extent a rear seat bench covered with metal may be cut for the hatch. In some cases, this facing can be a load-bearing part and contribute significantly to the stability of the vehicle.

Ski bag - no retrofit kit available?

If a ski bag retrofit kit is not available ex works for a vehicle model, a ski bag can still be retrofitted to many car models. For example, the trunk trim on the BMW E60 can be opened and the interior trim completely replaced. The third-party ski bag can then be used including a frame. It becomes more difficult if, for example, the rear seat bench is not suitable for folding down and this function was not available for the vehicle at the factory. Then you should always speak to a specialist workshop in advance. In no case should you just cut a hole in the back seat to realize a hatch. The vehicle manufacturer may also be able to help with the solution.

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