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Prerequisite for the roof rack - the roof rails!

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Roof rail railing Prerequisite for the roof rack the roof rails!

Not every car has a roof rail as standard. This is because the manufacturers have the equipment variant as an option in the portfolio. Many consumers often do not think about the benefits of a roof rail when buying a new car. Only in the practical and daily use of the car, the most noticeable how useful such a roof rail could be. A roof box or a universal one roof rack without railing? Normally does not work! But that's not a problem. A roof rail can finally be retrofitted. Ordering the manufacturer of a roof railing suitable for their own car model is sometimes extremely expensive. Because the roof railing still has to be mounted. And this happens in this case in the workshop. Who only after the purchase of a car recognizes that he still needs or would have a roof railing, can alternatively also to one universal Roof rails grab, but not really easy to retrofit. These are often black or chrome rails and the necessary mounting material. All together is in a retrofit kit for the roof rails. But you should definitely make sure that the rails are suitable for the vehicle model. There are suppliers from the Far East who take a different approach.

Crop yourself and save money?

Roof rail railing 2 Prerequisite for the roof rack the roof rails!

There are rails that are so long that they would fit as a roof rail of a station wagon, as well as on those of a small car. This type of universal roof rail is characterized by the fact that the rails that are included in the set, must be shortened according to the length of the roof rail of the car. Often this happens in the middle. Connectors put the two parts together again. For this you sometimes need special tools. You either have it yourself in the toolbox or you have to borrow it. It is important to ensure that the universal roof rail for retrofitting is no longer than allowed for the respective car model. Of course, it should not be shorter either.

Such a self-made part and TÜV?

Roof rail railing 3 Prerequisite for the roof rack the roof rails!

It is probably rather difficult to get such a railing registered. And then should also be a heavy roof box, bicycles or other objects securely attached to it? Understandably, the examiner looks very carefully at a universal or retrofitted roof railing. We strongly advise against it!

Disadvantages of the retrofit kits

Although a universal roof railing for retrofitting is inexpensive, but from the installation ago more time-consuming than precisely tailored to the car model railings from the manufacturer. In contrast, to the tailor-made roof rails from the manufacturer for the respective car model, the universal roof rail as a retrofit kit must be approved by the TÜV. Because the universal roof railing does not come with a general operating permit (ABE) delivered. If the universal roof rail has been installed properly, the change to the vehicle will be recorded in the vehicle documents by the TÜV. For this, of course, a fee is due. The chances that it works, but are rather bad. Pay attention, if it should not be an original component of the manufacturer, that you decide for a European or if possible German offerer. Absolutely must be there all documents that make an entry possible.

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Roof rail railing 5 Prerequisite for the roof rack the roof rails!

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