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Cool optics + safety - sun protection for the car

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On a hot summer day, the car can quickly become the oven. Metal heats up when exposed to sunlight and through the windows, the sunlight falls freely into the interior. Of course, today is probably every car equipped with air conditioning or at least with a cooling fan, but these only work as long as the engine is running. In addition, the generated draft is often even unhealthy, if you already wears wet clothes from sweat. So it often happens that you return to your parked car in summer and realize that it is too hot to get in or even burn your fingers on the steering wheel.

A sunscreen for your car?

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Artificial shading is therefore useful to prevent overheating, if you do not even grab a shadow parking lot. In addition, a good sunscreen also protects the upholstery and items that you keep in the car from being bleached, melted or otherwise damaged by the sun. Some forms of sunscreen for the car also provide a glare shield for you while driving dar. However, the latter is not so important. You achieve the same protective effect by putting on sunglasses. What you should not overlook when choosing a sunscreen for the car is that he should not obstruct your view and affects only the rear side windows and the rear window if possible. The windscreen can also get a sunscreen, but here you have to be particularly meticulous to the specifications of a Sun visor strip respect, think highly of. The same applies to the side windows in front. Because not only the view of the oncoming traffic, but also on the mirror must always be easily possible and generally you need, for example, when parking, a clear view through all possible windows.

The possibilities for sun protection

Audew Car Cover Protector Quick Test Tuning Garage 6 Cool optic + safety sunscreen for the car

You can just use your car with one Autoaplane or cover a coating. In fact, the old knights already knew this possibility and wore clothes over their armor to protect the metal from direct sunlight and prevent it from heating up. To increase the effectiveness it is recommended to use a light coating. The lighter a color, the more sunlight it reflects. Dark colors absorb the light and thus heat up considerably more. However, such a coating is quite unwieldy and cumbersome to apply if the car is used regularly. You have to turn it on and off every time, fold it up and stow it away. Who does that?

Roller blinds are already available for under 10 €

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Much faster is the use of Sun blinds at the windows. You can pull it down with a handle and start it up again. Usually they consist of a net / fabric through which you can see through. You can attach them often with suction cups or you can use the optional options for ordering a permanently installed blinds directly from the factory. The hanging variant is often printed with decorative cartoon figures that appeal not only to children. Also firmly installed and easy to use curtains, However, they are not transparent and can sometimes be annoying in the narrow space. Not to mention the rather idiosyncratic look. In an old state car, operations may still be cool, but in a modern vehicle? Never! Another option that requires only a few moves is one Sunscreen for trapping made of Macrolon acrylic glass.

AUDI A3 8P Sun Protection SOLARPLXIUS Tuning 22 Cool Optics + Safety Sunscreen for the car
Perfect fit - ready to install

Again, there are various methods that should be transparent in any case and must also have seal of approval for proper use. If you do not want to work with your sunscreen, we recommend a window tint with a classic foil. You can achieve this yourself by applying a tinting foil to the discs or sticking it on with a professional. There are countless suppliers, colors and also different levels of light transmission and UV protection are available. As a further possible there is still the alternative to expand the built-in letters and the professional dive or steaming allow. However, this is likely to be one of the most expensive variants and especially with respect to a tinting film bring little relevant benefits. And the self-darkening of glass panes by means of darkening technology at the touch of a button is one possibility. But unfortunately not allowed in this country!

Of course that had not happened yet!

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