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6 Aisle Menu: Is It Worth a Digital Switching Display?

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Shift Indicator Shift Indicator Switch Point Indicator 6 Gears Menu: Is It Worth a Digital Shift Indicator?

Knowing exactly which gear you are in can be of great benefit. In a normal manual gearbox and a car that you do not know yet, you get a sense of what speed and speed matches what gear relatively quickly. So you unconsciously learn which way you are in and react automatically when the situation requires it. A digital display for the engaged gear is therefore not really necessary in normal traffic. (The switching recommendations in modern cars have a different purpose, this is about saving.)

meaningful only in the direct field of vision

Shift Indicator Shift Indicator Switch Point Indicator 2 6 Gears Menu: Is It Worth a Digital Shift Indicator?

On the other hand, things are different with rally cars, which have to complete the fastest direction changes and load changes at extremely high speeds, leaving the driver with little time to decide which gear he is currently in. Here, a digital gear indicator makes perfect sense, especially since many rally cars also use a so-called sequential gear, in which you only up or down by train or pressure. Gladly in connection with a shift light, so a short, bright light signal that indicates to the driver: The best speed for upshifting is reached, please now!

Can be combined - shift light indicator for the car

Shift Indicator Shift Indicator Switch Point Indicator 3 6 Gears Menu: Is It Worth a Digital Shift Indicator?

So if you want your car, no matter whether road or racing car equip with such a digital gear indicator, several questions arise:

  1. Where is the best installation position?
  2. How to connect the ad?
  3. Interested so maybe the TÜV or the police?

the most important keywords for the switching display

Tuning gear knob selector lever gear lever5 e1559904602349 6 gears menu: Is a digital gear indicator worthwhile?

By the way: There is also gear leverthat have integrated a shift indicator. The connection here is basically the same, but there is no need to search for the correct installation position. Again, the readability of such a display is not necessarily optimal. A shift lever with built-shift indicator is more likely to impress the optics to the passenger.

  • Very important: Disconnect the battery.
  • For installation position: The purpose of such a display is the visual transmission of information. For this reason, you as the driver should make it as easy as possible to be able to capture this information and place the display so that it sits in the field of view, but nothing obscures. So for example laterally next to the speedometer / tachometer.
  • Topic electrical connection: Here it depends on whether your vehicle already has an OBD2 connection or not. If this is the case (at car from 2003 is OBD2 mandatory), then little electronic knowledge is needed, but a little more financial effort, because you need an additional adapter.

If you have a vehicle without OBD2, some cable work is required, the display requires plus, mass and the signals from the speedometer and tachometer to calculate which gear is currently applied. For a layman who can read the connection diagram of his engine control unit, a solvable task. Otherwise better refrain from self-experiment.

TÜV Tuev Dekra test center KÜS Tuning 6 course menu: Is a digital shift display worthwhile?

What does the TÜV say? The subject of additional ads is a gray area. In short, it depends. At the whim of each policeman in the control, on the installation position of the display, the brightness of the screen and last but not least: If you drive on the public road like a racer, you will be interpreted such a display in the interior certainly not positive.

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Shift Indicator Shift Indicator Switch Point Indicator 5 6 Gears Menu: Is It Worth a Digital Shift Indicator?

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