Info: Tint spray for taillights, car windows & Co.

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Taillights glaze illegally Info: tint spray for taillights, car windows & Co.

You want to tune your car? Make it an eye-catcher with little effort and little money? These are usually the wishes of a proud car owner who has already dealt with the subject of tuning from time to time. Therefore, there are many offers that meet the hobbyist and offer easy and affordable ways to come with little effort and low investment to a good effect. Some examples are chic valve caps, honeycomb lattice for grille and apron or crazy designs by means of Stickerbombing & Co. All possibilities without major legal concerns. A somewhat more difficult example is the use of so-called tint sprays, for example to quickly and easily darken the rear lights, the side indicators or even the windows of the car.


Tinting spray taillights car windows approval tuning 2 Info: tinting spray for taillights, car windows & Co.

The benefits that you will have when using a tint spray (reflector varnish) are obvious. The use of tint sprays initially requires no special qualification. Tint sprays can be purchased almost anywhere and are ready to use. No lengthy preparation or the like is required to start tinting your windows, taillights or side indicators. Tint sprays are relatively inexpensive and therefore easily affordable for everyone. If you have a steady hand and some craftsmanship, then you can apply the tint spray well on the components, without it being spotty or runs. Thus, you can achieve a good effect, without much effort and expense. Another advantage of tint sprays is that they are available in different colors, so that all creative desires can be more or less fulfilled.


Glazing taillights tuning info: tint spray for taillights, car windows & Co.
Glazing the rear lights is popular - but prohibited

Disadvantages of tint sprays, it takes a steady hand. With regard to the tinting of car windows, in contrast to the film, you can no longer compensate for any errors afterwards by re-applying it. A new start is difficult with the tint spray. The removal of the tinting spray is also difficult because solvents and possibly a scraper have to be used. This can cause the panes to be scratched and look correspondingly worn out. "Blindness" can also be the result. Another disadvantage is that you have to have a very steady hand and smooth movements to keep the surface looking even and neat.

Taillights glaze illegally 2 Info: tint spray for taillights, car windows & Co.

With an interior light, this may not be a problem, but if you spray the entire rear window, it will be much more complicated to achieve a uniform color gradient. In the end, it was more defaced than beautified. Better a slide! Tinting films are to solid always accepted and approved by TÜV. This can be recognized by an approval number on the film. This does not exist with tint sprays. Thus, an individual approval by the TÜV, depending on the location, may be necessary. Failure to do so can result in considerable costs and penalties in the event of an inspection or an accident. If the car has a rearview mirror on the right and left, the legal perspective is more favorable. At least in terms of the rear window. In any case, we recommend in advance to talk to a TÜV office about the project in order to find out all the problems in advance.


Tinting spray taillights car windows approval tuning 3 Info: tinting spray for taillights, car windows & Co.

In any case, it is prohibited to turn off taillights, front headlights, side indicators, turn signals in the mirrors or license plate lights. Similar to the foliation of the lights, it is the color. Hand-dimmed taillights (headlights) are always illegal. It does not matter if you are painted or foiled. The luminosity is always impaired, which leads to the lapse of the approval for the component and ultimately the vehicle. Therefore, you should only purchase accessory taillights with ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) approval. If the purchased lights are completely black at the rear, it is necessary to install well visible reflectors in red on the vehicle. For this purpose, you should first exactly the StVZO § 49a to the "general principles of lighting equipment" to study.


Tint sprays can be used almost anywhere. The range of uses is limited to the legislature and not too short. As a rule of thumb you can say that all the lighting equipment on the vehicle are taboo outside! As simple as that… The tinting spray adheres to almost all materials and can be applied next to windows on lights, metal, plastic and other materials. And tint sprays are not just for cars. All vehicles can be treated with it.

At the end...

You are looking for a cheap alternative and want to achieve a lot with little effort? You have a steady hand and are not quite talented in craftsmanship, then the use of tint sprays is a possible solution. Due to the variable use, the low price and the ease of use, as well as the many colors, it is worth considering. But only if you observe the legal regulations.

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