Tax savings possible - allow the car as a truck!

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Truck Approval Truck Taxes Reconstruction Tuning e1572237765937 Taxes save possible to allow the car as a truck!

At first, the thought sounds crazy. Why should one allow his car as a truck? But with a closer look at the benefits you can already wonder if a conversion or possibly even a new purchase is worthwhile.

The advantages of truck registration

Truck registration truck tax modification conversion 2 tax savings possible to allow the car as a truck!

First of all, why should anyone even come up with this idea? The answer is quite simple: you can clearly tell by the Road tax save when driving a truck instead of a car. Because here comes the trick, in a truck, the tax is not calculated according to the cubic capacity, but according to the permissible total weight. With a smaller model, the tax can shrink to as much as a quarter of what one pays for a car. This simple tax savings is already the biggest advantage of allowing his car as a truck.

What do you have to consider

Of course you can not allow any simple car as a truck, otherwise this would probably make a lot of people. There are also certain requirements when it comes to registration for trucks, which must be met in order for a vehicle to be approved as a truck. What are these, we clarify below.

  1. A high loading volume is required
    - The first thing that matters is the high loading volume typical of a truck. At first glance, this sounds intangible, also because there are no specific details for a minimum load volume. However, you can orientate yourself on previous approvals and the generally recognized standard. As a rule, the loading area should be larger than the passenger compartment. This sounds difficult at first, as even larger trucks and occasionally pickups do not meet these requirements. However, this can also be achieved with normal cars by clever conversion.
  2. The cargo space must be separated from the passenger compartment
    Even with this requirement, an average car is not about a conversion around. A corresponding separation is, however, easy to do and requires no more precise provisions. However, you should also get professional help here and not just drauflosbauen, otherwise the legal requirements may not be met.
  3. The conditions determine inter alia the road traffic admission order (StVZO) as well as the vehicle admission regulation (FZV)
  4. The 96 directive 53 / 1996 / EG also defines the requirements that vehicles must meet
  5. The vehicle should have a gross vehicle weight above 3,5 t

Calculate the vehicle tax here free of charge

Is it worth it for me?

Truck registration truck tax modification conversion 3 tax savings possible to allow the car as a truck!

The question now, of course, is whether such a project in the face of the reduced vehicle tax is worthwhile for the individual. Of course, everyone has to answer for themselves, an extrapolation of the expected taxes is of course useful. However, a conversion can be quite quickly expensive, which is why you can assume only with a long planned use time of a total savings. Another way is to sell his old car and to buy a model, which can already be approved as a standard truck. So you save the cost of a conversion completely. In any case, one should ask yourself the question of whether one can save a lot of money by cleverly using tax regulations.

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