The Wirbulator: accessory with questionable use

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Wirbulator Hood deflector Wind deflector tuning e1562222216583 The Wirbulator: accessory with questionable use

All VW Beetle lovers usually know what it is when talking about a turbulizer. Everyone else might think of the turbulator as a particularly sophisticated tuning part. In fact, it's a contemporary 1950 and 1960 product that's more or less like the dashboard vases and popular ones Sonnenschute is comparable. So an accessory that gives a certain type of vehicle a very personal and special touch.

Wirbulator compensated deficiencies of the windscreen wiper system

Spare wheel windscreen washer VW Beetle The Wirbulator: accessory with questionable benefits

Presumably, the turbulizer was developed to support the then only partially functional windscreen washer systems of different types. Because the actual purpose of a vortex generator is to keep insects, rain and snowflakes away from the windshield. For this purpose, the turbulator is mounted at a distance of about 60 cm to the windshield. Its purpose is to guide the air impinging on the windscreen, along with all the impurities, past the windscreen so that the windscreen remains free for a longer time. So similar to a modern one Wind deflector for the hood.

Wirbulator - popular with VW Beetle lovers

Wirbulator Hood deflector Wind deflector Tuning 2 e1562222477537 The Wirbulator: accessory with questionable use

Particularly often, the turbulizer was installed in the VW Beetle, which is because the windshield washer system of the vehicle was a pure disaster. The air pressure needed for spraying had to be built up via a connection to the spare tire. When the pressure in the spare tire slowed down, it was not enough to pump enough water onto the windshield. Insects, dirty water, etc. mixed with the thin stream of water to a tough porridge. The installation of a vortex generator promised to keep contamination away from the windshield. You can imagine a turbulator like this: It looks like a small shield on a small foot and has a right and left wing to guide the air currents past the windshield.

the effect of a vortex

Wirbulator Hood deflector Wind deflector Tuning 3 The Wirbulator: accessory with questionable use

That much is certain, the turbulator works, but with certain restrictions. When traveling at relatively slow speeds, a turbulator is most effective and can actually keep large amounts of water and insects away from the windshield. Nevertheless, a certain part still penetrates, which is why soiling of the pane can be delayed but not prevented. The turbulator is not really in demand today because of its “usefulness”, but because it has now achieved cult status and it makes the heart of a real lover and owner of an old Beetle beat faster.

Where is the turbulizer available?

However, the search on the open market is relatively difficult nowadays. You'll probably be looking in vain for a wirbulator at scrap dealers. The then much produced accessory has become almost a rarity today, but only if you absolutely want to build an original part of your vehicle. But where there is high demand, there is also supply. Today, turbulators are restored and sold, for example, by the following dealers: Hoffmann Speedster, work or Oldtimer spare parts 24.

different colors and materials

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  1. Haha - that's my magenta-colored bat Wirbulator you've got a picture of there (second one down - on the black car). I guess you got the picture off eBay? If you would like a green one like that one, or one of several other styles, I have several listed on at the moment. And they do work, believe it or not - I had a Sinko Whirlway (like the one above on the red Beetle, but with a propeller) on my car one day, and I also had a handheld spotlight. At night it was drizzling, and I could shine the spotlight on the Wirbulator and see the water droplets being pushed away by it. And the windscreen didn't get any water on it. Oh, I am also selling a red Whirlway with a white propeller on eBay, if you are interested.

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