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For an odorless climate - the cabin filter!

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Cabin filter Allergen filter Pollen filter e1581484340542 For an odorless climate, the cabin filter!

An interior filter protects the vehicle occupants from dust, dirt, pollen and soot. Unfortunately, anyone who is near roads or in the car is exposed to this air pollution. Cabin filters clean the air before it gets inside the car and is inhaled. Good combi filters are now standard in many new models. Especially in older models, however, standard filters are simply installed, which are unable to filter the finest particles. The good news: The better combination filters can be retrofitted without much effort and for a relatively low purchase price. But how does an cabin filter work and which versions are there?

Various cabin filters

Cabin filter Allergen filter Pollen filter 2 e1581484412115 For an odorless climate, the cabin filter!

A distinction is made between the following cabin filters: standard particle filter, combination filter and allergen filter. They all have one thing in common, namely the zigzag fold and the carrier fleece. Simple standard filters, also known as particle filters, consist of a pre-filter that collects coarse contaminants. Through electrostatic charging, a microfiber layer manages to extract even finer particles from the air. Combi filters also have an activated carbon layer. This can also remove unpleasant smells and fine dust from the air. It should be particularly emphasized here that activated carbon combination filters can also filter harmful gases from the air. The climate inside the car improves noticeably and potential health risks are significantly reduced. For filters that are especially suitable for allergy sufferers, a biofunctional layer is incorporated in addition to the activated carbon layer. This polyphenol coating is anti-allergenic and antimicrobial. It prevents allergens such as pollen and bacteria from entering the interior. These filters are ideal for very sensitive people, such as those with hay fever or asthma.

Cabin filter: a lot of advantages

Cabin filter Allergen filter Pollen filter 3 e1581484499872 For an odorless climate, the cabin filter!

A good activated carbon filter is a sensible investment. The performance of every cabin filter deteriorates over time. However, they can be changed with relatively little effort and are relatively inexpensive. They cannot be completely cleaned by manual cleaning. Therefore, most manufacturers recommend replacing the internal filter after approximately 15.000 kilometers. In addition, a fully functional filter also helps protect and maintain the value of the interior, heating and air conditioning. The better the cabin filter works, the less the air conditioning or heating system has to work to achieve the desired cabin temperature. Fine dirt that can get inside through simple filters can accumulate on the headlining and the padded seats. You can also tell that the filter is not doing a good job by fogged windows and a musty smell during heating. Even a smelly air conditioner often requires a new cabin filter.

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Cabin filter Allergen filter Pollen filter 4 e1581484603527 For an odorless climate, the cabin filter!

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Induction charger% C3% A4t Ladepad Auto 310x165 For an odorless climate, the cabin filters!

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