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Performance increase through an adjustable sprocket?

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For a long time, the sprocket of the camshaft was tied to the specified position by a marking. However, with the “rigid” series wheel, the timing can only be set using the marking. That means a maximum of one tooth forward or one tooth back. But with a tuning camshaft, the optimal setting stroke is usually somewhere in between. Today there is the so-called tuning sprocket for the Camshaft, The tuning sprocket itself can still be attached to the camshaft in one position only. Then, however, the position of the teeth can be changed like on a flange. Slotted holes are used for this. This means that the ring gear can be turned a few millimeters to the right or left. The term chain wheel does not only refer to a chain, it is also used for a toothed belt. This changes the point in time at which the inlet or outlet valve is opened and closed. During the intake stroke, more fuel can get into the cylinder and the compression of the gasoline-air mixture can be increased.

More performance with the perfect setup

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A higher performance and a higher torque is thus achieved. When using such a sprocket, however, you have to know what you are doing, because if the timing is changed incorrectly, the valves will hit the piston crown and the engine would be severely damaged or ready for scrap. You can find empirical values ​​for different engine types, which state how many degrees the camshaft has to be changed in order to achieve a certain effect. Some tuning sprockets have a graduation on the ring gear. But that's a relatively inaccurate thing. The better solution is a dial gauge. To do this, the valve cover must be removed and a dial gauge attached to measure the stroke of the valve.

Performance increase through a tuning camshaft

Sport camshafts racing tuning performance increase through an adjustable sprocket?

An adjustable sprocket is often used to make one sharp camshaft to optimize. Scharf means that the cams were made at an acute angle. With the adjustable sprocket, the time of opening can be postponed, thereby achieving an increase in performance even at higher speeds. Due to the fact that the valve cover is already removed when the camshaft is replaced, it is therefore advisable to adjust the camshaft using the dial gauge. In its description, the manufacturer of the tuning camshaft specified the angular degrees in which the camshaft is to be positioned. You can also have the original camshaft armed. The relevant company will give advice on the angle at which the camshaft sprocket should then be mounted.

Example R32 engine from the Volkswagen Group

For example, if you order an adjustable sprocket for a VW R32 (MKB BDB, BMJ, BUB, CBRA) engine, you will surely no longer want the variable camshaft adjusters at the factory. The modified sprockets are used here to set the timing of the VR6 six-cylinder perfectly. And such a sprocket should also be used if you have one compaction reduction has made. Such a plate causes the chain of the engine to move. Here you should make sure to buy a sprocket that has an adjustment range of up to 10 °. This allows the timing to be adjusted perfectly and the engine performs optimally. With a sharp camshaft, there is an increase in performance, which also results in greater wear on the engine. It must be ensured that the parts are approved by the manufacturer and matched to one another. In addition, the change in the vehicle must be entered in the vehicle documents.

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High performance engine oil High performance oil tuning Performance increase through an adjustable sprocket?

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