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For a cool head: retrofit air conditioning in the car!

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Air conditioning car retrofitting Tuning 2 e1579674023246 For a cool head: Air conditioning in the car retrofitting!

No driver wants to do without air conditioning on hot days these days. Older and simple models usually do not have air conditioning and if you are traveling with a classic car, it may only be a manual one Swamp Cooler / Car Cooler installed. So if you are thinking about retrofitting an air conditioning system, you should think it through carefully, be well informed and, above all, not underestimate the costs. Retrofitting an air conditioning system is almost always technically possible, but the effort is sometimes very large. For the work, for example, the entire dashboard must be removed to install the evaporator, which releases the evaporative cooling into the interior. This step alone is very complex for some vehicles. In addition, additional switches must be used so that the air conditioning system can be adjusted and operated.

many changes in the engine compartment

Air conditioning car retrofitting Tuning 3 e1579674075377 For a cool head: Air conditioning in the car retrofitting!

Of course, this also changes the look of the dashboard. Other components such as a compressor, dryer, condenser and the corresponding lines affect the engine compartment. The compressor branches off the required energy directly from the engine. With small, low-horsepower cars, this has a measurable, albeit small, impact on performance. The running air conditioning system also consumes additional fuel.

The costs should not be underestimated!

Workshop costs money retrofitting spare parts For a cool head: air conditioning in the car!

Before you order a new system, you should inquire whether an air conditioning system was optionally available for the desired vehicle. It is worth looking for a suitable, used but still functional air conditioning system. Local dealers or the Internet can help you succeed here. You can save a few euros here. An air conditioning system should be installed but a specialist workshop. However, this is precisely the major cost factor due to the high cost of the renovation measures. For simple models, the total cost is rarely less than 2.000 euros. For more complex work and rare models, the costs can be a good 4.000 euros or even significantly higher. The high cost factor means that it is often not worthwhile to retrofit an air conditioning system in a cheap small car. For owners of valuable classic cars, this investment makes economic sense. But be careful: If you want to enjoy a more enjoyable ride with your beloved classic car and want to install an air conditioning system, you should get detailed information beforehand. Under certain circumstances, the car could lose its classic car status, including the coveted one, as a result of the upgrade H-plates, And an air conditioning system is very maintenance-intensive and can be another cost factor in the event of a defect.

Retrofitting air conditioning: what you need!

Air conditioning car retrofitting tuning for a cool head: air conditioning in the car retrofitting!

  • Compressor
  • Coolant
  • V-belts for the engine
  • Capacitor
  • vaporizer
  • possibly a blower
  • Switch button
  • Hoses / Cable
  • Holders / Recordings

Conclusion on installing the air conditioning system

The installation of air conditioning not only increases the comfort when driving in summer, but often also the value of the car. Retrofitting an air conditioning system is usually worthwhile at most for classic cars, particularly valuable or rare models. Some suppliers even offer special conversion kits that can be selected by vehicle. After all, it is not particularly easy to get used parts that still work and can be successfully installed in your own vehicle, especially in a classic car. Such a kit is usually available for a few € 100, but the cost of installation remains. If it is a normal small car, you should consider that it may be more sensible and probably easier to get a used car with air conditioning. Before an air conditioning system is retrofitted, you should inform yourself at a workshop about the individual effort and accordingly the costs.

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  1. Interesting that a classic car can lose its H status by retrofitting an air conditioning system. We are considering selling our old car. It's just not comfortable anymore without air conditioning. But we are also very attached to him. We will definitely consider the point and speak to our car dealer.

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