To go up in the air - Air Jacks for the racing car!

Race Air Jacks air jack racing car tuning

Have you ever heard of air jacks? The also often as Race Air Jacks Designated components are hydraulically working components that serve to lift every single wheel of a vehicle or the complete vehicle in a matter of seconds. But you shouldn't use them Air jacks in the form of various lifting bags confound. The articles are used almost exclusively in the motor sport area and serve to raise the race car so far that the vehicle can be worked safely. The Air Jacks are available in high quality and different versions.

different sizes and lifting heights

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Race Air Jacks are available in different sizes and can be purchased with different lifting heights. The diameter of the items also vary significantly, so that interested buyers can choose the right variant for their vehicle. The articles are used in the field of motorsport and are therefore also available in very light versions so as not to produce unnecessary weight in the car. In the specialist trade, the interested tuner will find a large selection of Race Air Jacks, which can be purchased for many vehicles and above all for different installation requirements.

Race Air Jacks - what to look for when buying?

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Race Air Jacks are offered for all four tire areas and are mounted in the racing vehicle so that the vehicle can be raised particularly quickly for a possible pit stop with a wheel change. Tuners and mechanics often have to replace parts on racing vehicles during a race and need the quickest and most comfortable way to lift the car. With the Race Air Jacks, the car can be raised to the required working height and tire replacement or repair can begin. At the same time, all important vehicle areas are exposed and are not covered by any lifting elements. Race Air Jacks enable tuners or mechanics to quickly replace automotive parts. Variants with a quick lifting system and standard lifting system are available. For example, quick lifting systems can be purchased that have a stroke of approx. 150 to 230 millimeters. Before buying, the buyer should already know which lift and which lifting system is required. If in doubt, the tuning workshop can help you choose the right Race Air Jacks.

Bodywork has to be processed enormously

Depending on the vehicle and its area of ​​application, it may happen that the bodywork has to be machined in part significantly. For an experienced mechanic, the workload is manageable, so that the Race Air Jacks are installed relatively quickly and the wiring is also correct. The position where the sleeves are to be installed in the body is important in any case. It has to be selected carefully, because it carries the weight of the entire car and has to allow it to stand securely. And then you should also consider that you need a compressor that generates a good 25 to 30 bar (!!!) to operate the sleeves and of course a corresponding connection on the vehicle. After all, the four little feet have to lift several thousand kilograms.

Race Air Jacks - available for many vehicles

Race Air Jacks are available for many vehicle models. If you want to equip GT vehicles, classics or other racing and tuning vehicles with a quick lifting system, the Race Air Jacks are certainly interesting. When buying, you should pay attention to suitable accessories, such as the right exhaust valves. Safety supports and other accessories for the lifting systems are also available. The interested tuner will usually find what they are looking for in a specialist dealer for motorsport accessories. It is advisable to purchase variants and accessories that are very light and do not put extra weight on the racing car.

Race Air Jacks - conclusion

Race Air Jacks are fundamentally very light elements that can be used for hydraulic lifting of a car and can be installed in racing vehicles, for example. The items are available with quick lifting and standard lifting systems and can be purchased to fit many vehicle models. When buying, you should pay attention to high-quality, very light Race Air Jacks, for which matching accessories, such as exhaust valves and safety supports, are also available. Race Air Jacks are available from specialist retailers and allow worn vehicle parts such as a front apron or the tires of the pit stop to be replaced quickly and safely.

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