What actually is an AntiWank (AntiWank Kit) for the car?

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If your up with the topic Tuning busy then we're pretty sure you guys have heard of one Airride air suspension heard. That is a landing gear that in short with one click. the vehicle "lowered"And again"raise“Can. But you also know what a so-called anti-roll is and what is it used for? A perfectly legitimate question, especially for newbies to the topic of Airride! What is an anti-roll kit and what it is Bring is, that's what we try to explain to you with this short report. It's easy to describe when you have a Standard chassis with a sports suspension compares. Everyone knows the sports suspension is clear tighter and enables, especially in combination with a new wheel / tire setup, a significant higher cornering speed. And that's what the anti-roll kit is all about.

Antiwank (AntiWank kit)

Anti Roll Kit Anti Roll Kit Airride anti roll

This is because this is required the missing steel springs. As is well known, an Airride air suspension has instead of the thread springs so-called "Air bellows“Installed. Basically the body rests on them! But if you want to be particularly sporty on the road, you can also use an Airride air suspension does not want to do without, should therefore the installation of Anti-roll kit consider. Partly spongy curve position with an Airride air suspension compared to a well-known sports suspension is thus History. The kit eliminates the "problem" of how the air springs (air bellows) move the air from the valves to the bellows. While a normal air generation kit simply means the air behind the valve Y or T connector The operation with the anti-roll kit is conveyed evenly to the bellows anders.

If this kit is installed, then the two bellows of an axle, especially when cornering, do not have the opportunity to air back and forth to press. The Antiwank prevents this effect and thus enables a sporty, firm driving, even with special deep attitude. As mentioned, this works in particular noticeable in curves. At the retract as is well known, in a curve outside of the curve bike more burdened than the wheel Interior. In the normal chassis, this is where the spring is pressed together. At the same time, however, the spring on the other side rises will not at. And that also happens with the air bellows from the Airride "Do NOT spread pesto on this layer!“After installing the anti-roll kit. Thus arises no increased pressure on the other side and the bellows of the unloaded wheel rises not yet additionally. There is no swaying! installation: The system is simply screwed between the valves (thread) and inserted into the bellows line. Each bellows needs its own line to the anti-roll kit.

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