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Tuning from back then: antistatic tape as an electric inhibitor

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Antistatic strap Earthing strap Ground strap Protective wire Tuning from back then: Antistatic strap as an electrical inhibitor!

Maybe to be seen on a truck today, but hardly on a car. We're talking about Anti-static tape. An extremely large number of cars built this in the 80s and 90s. But why? Because you often got a "wipe" on the vehicle when getting in and out. Because of this, one wanted to take precautions. Antistatic tapes were apparently able to partially suppress and cushion these conditions. And assembly is and was very easy. The tape is simply attached to the underbody of the vehicle with the screws supplied and that's it. However, they need to place the ligaments so that they can nothing hinder or even pose a risk of accident.

Concrete functionality:

With the help of an antistatic tape, often also called a vehicle strip, electrical charges that are in excess in or on the car are effectively discharged, according to the provider. The aim is for the driver or passenger to close or open the car doors and make contact with the road no Gets a shock in the form of an electronic impulse.

Antistatic strap Earthing strap Ground strap Protective wire 2 Tuning from back then: Antistatic strap as an electrical inhibitor!

This topic could be of particular interest to people with a pacemaker, even if the impulse is not very pronounced. It's always annoying! According to the provider, an antistatic tape can also compensate for interference with radio stations. We think that's nonsense! And If you simply touch a body part when getting out of the vehicle, the effect is identical. Even then you don't get any wiped.

Further aspects and legal:

Antistatic straps are available in different designs, lengths and sometimes in discount packs for several vehicles. If you buy more and do so in a set, you may be able to savings to have. Since the belts are always exposed to the weather, become clogged with dirt, water or deposits or wear out over time due to constant contact with the road, it is not wrong to purchase several at once. But the parts have to FIRMLY hanging on the car. A loose tape can damage the paintwork of other vehicles or accidentally get into your own wheel arches and get caught there. Ribbons of this type are manchmal a sensible thing and as a helper a possibility to counteract the annoying electrical surges. However, there is a guarantee that they will always work can not be . Incidentally, you should avoid building your own or replacing cables for safety reasons. Features according to the manufacturer:

  • removes excess static electricity generated while driving
  • prevents electrical charging on the car
  • prevents radio interference
  • Reduction of motion sickness

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