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Back Cushions / Cushions / Wedge Cushions - Comfort in the Car!

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Lumbar cushion back cushion car seat cushion e1575010760422 back cushion / seat cushion / wedge cushion comfort in the car!

Many modern seats in the car already offer ex factory numerous adjustment options, so nothing stands in the way of comfortable and comfortable seating in the vehicle. However, a large number of car seats are not geared to keeping the human back in an impeccably ergonomic posture. Apart from top-end cars, only a few manufacturers have factory-made seats to provide a perfect template for their backs. Small cars and even mid-range vehicles with basic equipment sometimes have seats that are as comfortable as a kitchen chair. Because of this, supportive can be special Booster cushion be used to ensure the ergonomic posture for the back. Below, the pillows are presented in detail.

for the optimal back posture

Lumbar cushion back cushion car seat cushion 2 back cushion / seat cushion / wedge cushion comfort in the car!

Many vehicle models allow only a limited adjustment of the car seats, so that the needs for an ergonomic sitting position for the relief of, for example, back complaints can not be met. However, partial relief can be provided by means of an additional cushion. An additional cushion allows an ergonomic sitting posture. This relieves the spine, which is thereby kept perfectly straight. For example, special lumbar cushions are available that enable the back to be protected. Furthermore, there are special requirements for the car seat area. So-called wedge pillows support the posture. The pelvis and spine are held upright by this pillow. As a result, the intervertebral discs are relieved between the individual vertebrae. In this way, poor posture can be contained and posture damage can be prevented.

Advantages of a wedge pillow in the car

The pelvis is erected by sitting on a wedge pillow and does not remain in an unfavorable position. This also prevents the spine from bending into an unnatural position. Malpositions can be distressing to the individual vertebrae of the spine, the muscles and the intervertebral discs. This leads to pain. Sitting on a wedge pillow allows a natural sitting posture, so that the pain is relieved.

What to consider when using in the car?

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Car seats serve in their conception of safety in a collision. If a seat cushion is now placed on the seat, the safety aspect also changes at the same time. After all, the seat cushion can in an accident on the functionality of the tether impact. The driver is not always held back by the belt in the event of a collision if a seat cushion serves as a seat cushion. Under no circumstances should a cushion be used in a crash accident cause the driver to slip out of the seat, instead of being held back by the belt. The seat belt may not be limited by the cushion in functionality. This also applies to a possible blockade. For this reason, special seat covers are offered, which are installed directly by the automaker. These ensure an optimal safety function of the actual car seat. Also, these models consider that the seat belt functionally restrains the driver in a crash accident.

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