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What are so-called bargeboards for the vehicle?

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1of1 full carbon Novitec Ferrari 812 N Largo Tuning 6 What are so-called bargeboards for the vehicle?

Bargeboards are aerodynamic add-on parts that were previously used in relatively simple variants in racing. The articles are also simply referred to as air deflectors and are intended to provide more downforce on the vehicle. Nowadays complex bargeboards are used that serve as vortex generators and create certain air vortices.

Bargeboards - Turning vanes, Vortex Generator & Co.

Bargeboards Air baffles Turbolator Tuning e1605254134883 What are so-called bargeboards for the vehicle?

Vortex generators create air vortices and are complex. The air generated by the eddies is directed to the rear of the vehicle and flows to the diffuser. The air is routed through complex ducts. As a result, energy is obtained. While the complex bargeboards in the form of vortex generators are used in racing today, simpler bargeboard variants were used in the past. Bargeboards can also be found in the tuning area. The bargeboards, also known as turning vanes, are air baffles that are intended to give a vehicle an aerodynamic advantage.

How are bargeboards constructed?

Bargeboards Air baffles Turbolator Tuning structure What are so-called bargeboards for the vehicle?

Bargeboards are attached to the vehicle's wings on both sides. The vehicle wings are installed, for example, from the nose of the vehicle to the vehicle cockpit. Bargeboards serve to stabilize and forward air turbulence. Air turbulence is also known as dirty air. The turbulence that occurs on the wheel suspension and on the front wing is passed on via the bargeboard.

What is the job of bargeboards?

During the journey, air turbulence occurs which must be kept away from the vehicle wings. The wings are responsible for the contact pressure of a vehicle. Bargeboards are used to keep the swirling air away from the wings. These ensure a reduction in air resistance. The resulting air flow is directed to the vehicle radiators through lateral ducts. The energy can be put to good use by forwarding the air currents. The air currents are used to cool the engine components. There are also variants in which the flow over the side pods (if available) and is no longer used. But diverting the flow is a concept that is rarely used. However, it can make sense to divert very strong air turbulence away from sensitive engine components. If strong winds are to be expected or the air flow could hit very sensitive vehicle parts, then these should be diverted away completely or only partially using bargeboards.

the use of generated energy

Energy can also be obtained from air turbulence and used sensibly. Bargeboards can convey the air turbulence that arises to vehicle components and help cool the relevant components. In racing, modern bargeboards are constructed in such a way that they even generate air turbulence and then use the energy for cooling. It is important that modern bargeboards also reduce abrasion and contribute to the aerodynamics of the racing car. The system is mainly known from Formula 1. For tuners, the concept of energy generation and use can also be of interest. As a rule, the bargeboards are used in the tuning area, but more because of the sporty look of the components.

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