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For extreme conditions - beadlock tuning rims

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Dodge Charger Hellcat S79 WELD Wheels Tuning 6 For extreme conditions Beadlock tuning rims

Beadlock rims not only look good, they also have an important function. Because these prevent tires and rims from twisting together or better. Normally, tires are inflated, creating an internal pressure and the tire bead then lies on the inside of the rim. So the tire remains firmly on the rim, creating a very stable axial connection between the tire and the rim. However, this is not necessarily true when someone slows down or accelerates very much, which is then a very extreme behavior apart from normal use. Extremely powerful drag vehicles or off-roaders usually need these rims. So that a shift between the tire and the rim is prevented, a connection can be kept everything stable by so-called Beadlocks. Tip: New rims for the car? It is important to pay attention to this before buying!

Hold function with good appearance

Beadlock Tuning Rims Offroad Drag Function For Extreme Demands Beadlock Tuning Rims

So the tires and rims can no longer move against each other. This prevents the tires or rims from slipping, because the tire is firmly fixed or attracted to the rim. Of course, the beadlocks should always be selected for the respective vehicle, as there are different types. In all-wheel drive vehicles from the off-road sector, for example, a ring with several screws arranged around it is the most common variant.

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In this way, too, the tires are firmly connected to the rims. In motorcycles, a bead locking means is often used to prevent axial rotation. This usually consists of a curved plate that is attached with just one screw.

Similarities that connect

Beadlock Tuning Rims Offroad Drag Function 2 For extreme conditions Beadlock Tuning rims

In both types of vehicles can be as Beadlock so a kind of inner tube is inserted into the tires. To fix this inner tube is then simply inflated. Of course, the beadlock rims are not only useful but also look very good. All Beadlock rims do not always have a bulky appearance, so they can withstand the high loads. Rather, the outer rim of screws is conspicuous, there is always the right Beadlock rims for each vehicle type. Even in a wide variety of colors, these rims are available, so then really every motorist will find his matching beadlocks. Of course, conspicuous are also practical rims that do not only provide safety. Because here the design of the manufacturers of the respective cars was taken into consideration, which give their rims so yes a certain look. This is exactly what the Beadlock rims are based on, although they often look quite massive in their appearance.

video extreme marco sbrollini in For extreme loads Beadlock tuning rims

At the end...
Anyone who likes to set his car to sporting challenges and is on the road from 800 to 1000 PS, should definitely have Beadlock rims. Also if the application area is heavy terrain and the off-road capabilities are to be explored. The beadlocks can withstand quite a bit while still providing absolute safety. All that normal rims can not do anymore. Therefore, beadlock rims can be used not only by tuners, but also by ordinary drivers. Here a special design with a high degree of security is offered. Therefore, the choice is also large, as mentioned above, the car type is taken into account.

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