Endless steam - the conversion to a BiMoto vehicle!

VW Golf 3 MK3 BiMoto 1.600 PS VR12 Power Tuning 10

BiMoto or double engine will be the occurrence of two Called engines in a vehicle. And such conversions have already been implemented by tuning enthusiasts. And not just once! For years, vehicles have been converted to the power of two hearts. One of the best known examples is the MTM (Engine Technik Mayer) Audi TT Bimoto which was created in the early 2000s and with an impressive 652 HP, by means of two motors (Engine R4 front / rear cross), was even suitable for everyday use. According to MTM, the maximum that could have been squeezed out of the four-cylinder engine was over 500 hp. "Ever" engine mind you! But converting a vehicle to a BiMoto requires more than just using two engines. The vehicle must be stable enough to be able to drive with the two engines without being damaged. It is particularly important to cool the second engine. Finally, it is installed in the rear of a vehicle that is not intended for this. For this reason, the MTM TT also has a large snorkel on the rear window and also has air openings in the side walls.

BiMoto - what does that mean?

VW Golf 3 MK3 BiMoto 1.600 PS VR12 Power Tuning 9

A BiMoto means a car in which two engines are installed. Such a vehicle is also referred to as a car with a double engine. Extensive conversions are necessary to construct a BiMoto or a vehicle with a double engine. As a twin-engine vehicle, the BiMoto is almost always very powerful and is built with all-wheel drive. This is the only way the car makes sense! Because for efficient power transmission, each axle is driven and each is connected to an engine, if possible with turbocharger or Compressor, coupled. A BiMoto usually still offers space for at least two passengers. These are from one partition wall (Carbon wall etc.) usually separated from the second drive unit in the rear area. As an eye-catcher, the second engine can be installed in such a way that it can be admired, for example, through a sight glass or simply through the rear window.

BiMoto conversion - plastic glass, gears and more

Thanks to the plastic glass or thanks to the plastic covers that can be installed in a BiMoto, the tuning fan can then look at the technology. And if an Audi TT, a small one VW Wolf or a VW Golf suddenly have an engine "in the back", then you can assume that everyone wants to see that too. Vehicles with manual transmission are ideal for the conversion. The second motor in the rear area is then equipped with a manual gearbox on the BiMoto. For example, a PS monster can be equipped with a six-speed gearbox. The transmission is often installed across the direction of travel in a BiMoto vehicle. Here, however, the project varies depending on the tuner, car or concept. But one thing is almost always the same. The motor in the rear of the vehicle drives the rear axle. The engine in front the front one. The rear axle is almost identical to the front axle. But of course it “doesn't” have the function of steering. After all, a professional BiMoto conversion has nothing to do with a show vehicle like one double car to do. And the BiMoto should also be extensively stiffened. In addition, it also has a certain weight due to the double engines and the associated technology. Metal pipes up to the A-pillar as well as metal pipes in the side skirts and roof area can help with the stiffening. This should include a Roll cage And if possible Braces be installed.

PS Monster BiMoto vehicle

If you want to have your car converted into a BiMoto car, you should know that extensive conversion work is necessary and double-motor vehicles are usually PS monsters. That is the meaning and purpose! The BiMoto TT from MTM mentioned above had already achieved a moderate setting of 326 hp per engine (652 hp in total). With 652 hp, a top speed of 340 km / h should be reached. And that over 15 years ago! Some time later there was even more in it. Motoren Technik Mayer from Wettstetten near Ingolstadt had let the TT fly at 393 km / h and set a new speed record on the high-speed test site in Papenburg. For this purpose, the car was boosted to around 1.000 hp and started on the fastest production tire at the time, the ContiSportContact Vmax. Insane! However, it is important to note that the Bremsanlage must be able to cope with the incredible speeds. Only experienced tuners should undertake such a complex undertaking. Due to the legal situation with BiMoto vehicles, an expert / examiner should be consulted in advance. A road approval is feasible, but the effort is of course correspondingly large.

Widebody VW Lupo BiMoto With 1.800 hp

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Bimoto Opel Calibra twin engine tuning

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