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GPS Black Box Monitoring Spy System e1565939023841 The glass driver monitors with a black box

More and more electronic devices are networked via IP networks. An integrated black box (not to be confused with one Data logger for performance info) in the car is also linked to this Internet protocol. In the past, black boxes were preferred in aircraft. In the event of an accident or a crash, valuable data can be learned from the black box and the cause of the crash can be clarified. An integrated black box or a so-called GPS or car tracker system, however, is also increasingly found in vehicles. What is the point of a black box in the car and who is this technology suitable for?

Black box - functional properties

GPS Black Box Monitoring Spy System 2 The glass driver with a black box monitors

The car tracking or location system primarily serves to locate vehicles. These tracking systems have been used in trucks for a long time. The dispatcher knows the whereabouts of the driver, for the fleet management the location technology based on a GPS satellite signal represents real added value. In the event of an accident, the GPS transmitter in the car passes on valuable data to the insurance company or the police. The course of the accident is easier to understand due to the data transmission. The problem of guilt is clarified faster with an auto-spy system, since the following data is passed on:

Data collection on driving behavior:

  • Steering behavior: Do you always have a firm grip on your steering wheel? Jerky and hectic steering maneuvers are recorded by the black box and provide insurers with useful information in the event of a claim.
  • Braking performance: If you have to brake jerkily, the black box records the data of the braking maneuver. Brake power and braking distance data are recorded and can provide valuable information when clarifying the question of guilt.
  • Acceleration: If you drive too fast and have integrated an auto-spy system (with Dashcam etc.), then all the data of your acceleration behavior will also be registered. If you travel too fast and cause an accident, the black box has saved this offense and the images are provided by the Dashcam or Dashcams. The longitudinal as well as the lateral acceleration data are recorded. The Car Tracker technology also records the data on the wheel speed.
  • Blinker setting: Did you turn the turn signal before turning? You are not sure anymore? The black box knows it very well and will be read in case of an accident.
  • Automotive Lighting: The Car Tracking System also detects whether you have properly activated your vehicle lighting and this is adapted to the visibility. If you drive in fog with low visibility without fog lights, then your integrated Car Spy has captured this data.
  • Buckle up please! Your Black Box knows in current vehicles exactly whether you were buckled during the ride or not. Also, the number of electromotive belt tightening can be stored.
  • Differential lock / four-wheel activated? Does your car have the function of turning the all-wheel drive or the differential lock on or off? Your black box may know the circumstances in which you have traveled on the road.
  • Turning maneuver and change of direction: If you change your direction of travel at once, if you turn within a rescue lane and put others at risk, the Black Box provides important information about your driving behavior.
  • Vehicle Info: Mileage, fuel consumption, tank contents, tire pressure, coolant levels, wiping water, brake fluid. All this can be monitored. Even error memory entries are logged. Too high engine speed or temperature? This also allows conclusions about the driving style.
  • Open bill? Car disabled! If you drive an e-car, the charging of the drive battery, eg by the manufacturer, can be prevented by means of a black box. An unpaid lease bill could be the cause. This is of course also possible with a modern vehicle with a burner.
  • Remote diagnostics: Renault, for example, can use RemDiag to read almost all information from the CAN data bus via a cellular connection. This remote diagnosis can be activated or deactivated by Renault.

Advantages and disadvantages of a monitoring system

GPS Black Box Monitoring Spy System 3 e1565939274444 The glass driver with a black box monitors

For insurance companies and investigative authorities, the vehicle tracker is a real help when it comes to obtaining information. The question of guilt, the course of the accident and valuable accident details can be clarified using the black box data. The surveillance system in general is a major disadvantage. Every inconspicuous driver is monitored by the GPS Car Tracker System. You become a glass driver and in the area of ​​private use we see this system with even more disadvantages than advantages. Sure, a big advantage is the extensive theft protection and the helpful emergency pager. But if every tiny detail is monitored, we go too far. The vehicle can be found easily in the event of theft using the GPS location system and this function is essentially sufficient for private users.

Does everything really have to be monitored?

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