BMW V-strut attachment for more optics? The installation!

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BMW V strut attachment kidney tuning

For many vehicle types from BMW there has been the hype behind the kidneys for some time V-brace to be highlighted in color. This is possible, for example, with a foiling or with Attachments made of plastic. If you want it to be particularly individual, you can fall back on one of countless surfaces of a film and thus equip the V-strut with the look of the paintwork (in vehicle color), for example. There are also many other options such as a surface in aluminum, carbon or copper. As with the vehicle wrapping, the possibilities are almost unlimited here.

V-strut attachment

BMW V strut attachment kidney tuning 2

And with regard to the variant made of ABS plastic (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymers) there are many options. But here, as a rule, only in the classic colors Blue, red, yellow, black or White. The grill inserts / moldings are usually very durable, non-deformable, lightfast and have a good color intensity. The material keeps the color permanently and fades from the vehicle due to the different temperatures in this area will not. Installation is usually quick and takes just a few minutes. At least if the vehicle doesn't have any Air damper control owns. If this is the case, the front grille is simply removed and the decorative strips can be clicked over the V-strut or, alternatively, the desired film can be applied. However, if the vehicle is a newer model and already with the factory air damper control then the installation is less simple.

Air damper control can be a problem

Because then the air flap control must be expanded, which often (depending on the type) only in combination with the Uninstall the front apron is possible. Depending on the vehicle model, there is also the option with a little skill through the air damper control clip the panels through. Whatever the way, it always is no Gluing, drilling or cutting required on the vehicle. The attachments are available for types 1-series F20 F21, 2-series F22 F23 F44 F45, 3-series F30 F31, 4-series F32 F33 F36, 5-series G30, 6-series G31, 7-series G11 G12, 5-series E60 E61, 6-series E63 and all other models that use the Have installed a V-brace on the part of BMW.

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Air flap control Bmw

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