More style on the car - a new bonnet & tailgate!

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Widebody Audi RS7 Creative Bespoke Tuning 43 More style on the car a new bonnet & tailgate!

Individual car tuning usually includes performance tuning and optical tuning of the vehicle. The optics can be adapted to the needs of the vehicle owner in many areas and there are countless ways to enhance the look of the car. For example, the bonnet / engine cover and the trunk lid can be replaced with high quality. Instead of a commercially available trunk lid, for example, a carbon-coated variant can decorate the rear area of ​​the vehicle.

Bonnet and trunk hood

NOVITEC Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Tuning 17 More style on the car a new bonnet & tailgate!

If you want to customize your car and take off the boring everyday look, you can install special trunk and bonnets. Articles for many car models made of carbon / kevlar and carbon / GFK are available. The carbon engine and trunk hoods are available in high-gloss or, for example, in a silk-gloss version. The high-gloss carbon look emphasizes the individual car look and the sporty car character. Carbon / Kevlar and carbon / GRP trunk and bonnets offer more than just visual advantages. The articles are also lighter than conventional engine and trunk hoods.

Possible hood construction

Bonnets and trunk hoods can be made of full carbon on the outside and Kevlar on the inside. Instead of Kevlar, GRP can also be used. Both variants look identical due to the full carbon outer shell. The engine and trunk hoods can be used, for example, to complete the rest of the carbon look of the tuned car. The articles are also conceivable as a contrast to other looks.

What to look for when buying?

Install bonnet tailgate tuning e1580452331178 More style on the car a new bonnet & tailgate!

If you want to replace your engine and trunk hood, you should pay attention to the right car type. The articles should be provided with original holes / fastenings to ensure the easiest possible assembly. The type of car for which the bonnet and trunk hoods are made of carbon is specified in the product descriptions. When buying the items, you should also pay attention to the respective year of car construction. Because the engine and trunk hoods can differ greatly depending on the model and year of manufacture and have different holes. This can be the case especially with VorFacelift and Facelift vehicles. It should also be noted that not all bonnets that are traded as replacements are approved for use on the road. Carbon variants are often a motor sport item and the tuned car is more suitable for racing events than road traffic.

Engine cover made of carbon available

Depending on the car type, a carbon engine cover can also be purchased in stores. The items are those of finishing and are available in different types of fabric. Interested buyers can also choose between silk and high-gloss finishes. The new Forged Composites® from Lamborghini is also available. The engine covers are only available for certain types of cars and engines and can be obtained from specialist dealers. In general, attention should be paid to the accuracy of fit when buying.

modified tailgate for the vehicle

Install bonnet tailgate tuning 2 e1580452470750 More style on the car a new bonnet & tailgate!

The options are almost identical with regard to the tailgate. Here, too, there are the materials and composites already mentioned, there are various surface finishes here too and you should also pay attention to the factory-made fastening points for the tailgate. If you want to, you do not have to replace the entire flap straight away, but can replace the existing component with a rear spoilerto Ducktail spoiler lip or simply with a beautiful one foiling or customize the paintwork. With vehicles such as the Porsche 911, the Lamborghini Huracan / Aventador or various Ferraris, it is essential to ensure that the bonnet is also referred to as an engine cover or an engine cover. These vehicles have the engine at the rear and therefore do not have a large classic bonnet as is the case, for example, with a normal sedan. Here the classic "bonnet" is the trunk lid and it is in the front.

Replace the bonnet and trunk lid - conclusion

The engine and trunk hood can be replaced in the racing and tuning area by a light carbon variant. The articles are available, for example, in carbon / fiberglass and carbon / kevlar. The replacement hoods are lighter than conventional variants and are intended for motorsport. Alternatively, of course, there is also the possibility to make your own efforts. Here the bonnet can be provided with ventilation openings, it can be Power Dome be installed or just a viewing window such as that of the Darwin Pro hoods the case is. Of course, you should always talk to an officially recognized expert in advance about the project so that nothing stands in the way of legal use in road traffic.

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Widebody 2020 Audi RS6 Avant C8 Tuning Slammed Airride 4 More style on the car a new bonnet & tailgate!

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