Brake light sticker - cool eye-catcher with evil consequences

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Brake Light Sticker Tuning Brake Light Sticker Cool eye catcher with evil consequences

You see brake light stickers every now and then in traffic; they seem to be a popular penny tuning to get some attention. With a commercially available brake light template made of various materials, stickers can be applied to the taillights. Sayings or the brand names of the vehicle or the name of the owner are popular. The third brake light (this must be taken into account when retrofitting the third brake light) crystallized out. Such templates are currently being offered by providers such as Car Bonlook, and countless companies on the major, well-known auction platforms.

Brake light tuning via sticker

Brake light sticker tuning 2 brake light sticker cool eye-catcher with evil consequences

The term lettering tuning or brake light tuning is self-explanatory. Often stickers with a lettering (So mostly the name of the car brand, or sayings like "Stop!", "Stop!", "Please follow!" or the clever saying "Who brakes is afraid!" and so on) used as a tuning option and are therefore real eye-catcher. There are numerous ways to design these logos; There are certainly no limits to the imagination here. Thus, different functions are possible depending on the lettering and design. This tuning is used to sustainably change the look of the brake lights and to attract as much attention as possible. Overall, it is a cheap Tuningmaßnahme with low cost and structural changes that is easy to implement. With technical skill and a little instinct (Both should probably be present in the tuning scene) you can also make the stickers yourself or order them from numerous suppliers on the Internet. Here, too, an individual text and font is often possible and usually available for a few euros. Before ordering, only the size of the brake light and the area to be glued must be taken into account. It should also be noted: the corresponding lettering can then provoke or even unsettle other road users, such as the lettering “Polozei”, which can be deliberately confused with “police”.

Brake light stickers - legal concerns?

Tuning Law Paragraph Pretty Police Stvo Stvzo Brake Light Sticker Cool eye catcher with evil consequences

The sticker as a brake light lettering or the so-called brake light sticker (usually brake light stickers are made of vinyl) change the design and the visibility of the brake lights, and according to the StVO, anyone who violates the "general lighting regulations“Violates. By sticking or masking a third brake light, for example, proper function is no longer given. Applying vinyl stickers or vinyl stickers interferes with the design and method of attachment and changes the beam angle, etc. depending on the version, etc. Any change in the light output of a luminaire formally invalidates the approval. It may look good at times, but legally it's easy verboten! Especially with a required third brake light this formally after an unauthorized modification is no longer available! By the way, an individual TÜV approval is out of the question for luminaires.

plain and simple - FORBIDDEN!

Police fine catalog tuning brake light sticker cool eye-catcher with nasty consequences

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