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Spot landing on the race track - the brake parachute!

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Bremsparschirm Bremsschirm rescue parachute precision landing on the racetrack of the Bremsfallschirm!

You want to know what the terms brake screen, brake aid or rescue parachute mean? You want to know more about brake parachute? You would like to know something about the field of application of the brake parachutes? The terms mentioned are explained below and the meaning and purpose of a brake parachute are explained.

Brake parachute - what is it?

Bremsparschirm Bremsschirm rescue parachute 3 precision landing on the racetrack of the Bremsfallschirm!

A Bremsfallschirm is known in the autotuning and is for example in the Drag Racing used. With such a parachute fast racing cars can be slowed down. The brake parachute is also referred to as a brake screen, brake aid or rescue parachute. Another term for the useful article is resistance parachute. The screens are used, for example, at extreme speeds of 300 km / h or more to selectively slow down enormously powerful cars and shorten the braking distance.

Brake parachute - where in use

Bremsparschirm Bremsschirm rescue parachute 4 precision landing on the racetrack of the Bremsfallschirm!

The resistance parachute is for example in the range of the classical Drag Racing or in the Hot-Rod-Race area used. Brake parachutes are also used in the pro-stock class. The rescue parachutes are also used to set speed records. However, the built-in rescue parachutes are not always used. They are more intended for emergencies, in order to be able to brake the racing car comparatively quickly. The drag parachute is standard equipment in drag racing. At least the reserve parachute is compulsory for such high speeds. In general, the faster the racing cars or "vehicles" are, the more necessary an additional brake parachute to the vehicle's braking system. And not just for a few years, a braking parachute was used decades ago and is not an invention of modern times.

Brake parachute - what does it bring?

It is well-known that many fast vehicles in the drag racing area are braked by a brake parachute. Parachute braking is now mandatory. The brake parachute should have a stabilizing effect at the enormous speed of the vehicles. In principle, of course, the conventional braking by parachute in drag racing is not dispensed with. The braking effect is in no way due solely to the brake parachute. The majority of the braking force continues to generate the wheel brake of the car. With the brake parachute, however, a material-saving additional deceleration can be guaranteed. Without the parachute, the wear on brake pads and brake discs also increases. In addition, the deceleration without brake parachute is often not so stable.

Reserve parachute - not intended for road traffic

Of course, the brake parachute is not intended for use on the road. The resistance parachute is prescribed in the drag racing area and is for example also installed in vehicles with which speed records should be set up. There, the brake parachute serves as an additional safety feature. In the drag racing area, however, the rescue parachute is used and it is even required that high-speed vehicles have parachutes. If you are interested in the use of a brake parachute, then the visit of a drag racing is interesting for you. Also in tuning workshops, which are active in the drag racing area, you can learn more about the brake parachute and the braking effect.

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