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Every now and then a power injection is also for Commercial Vehicles necessary and useful. The chip tuning for the bus is not only effective, but also within the realm of possibility. The main focus of a bus company is primarily on the consumption and the corresponding engine performance of the commercial vehicle. A bus with impressive engine performance and economical fuel consumption is often desirable for bus drivers who travel a lot on the roads and at the same time are responsible for the passengers on short and long journeys. At the same time, the bus should react quickly and agilely to various changes. These qualities are important both in terms of purchase and driving style. Certain standard engines are installed in the engine compartment of most commercial vehicles such as coaches. These are usually in different performance classes available. But it is often the case on the part of the manufacturer electronic restrictions programmed for performance. However, you can by installing a Powerbox in the engine compartment can be bypassed, as this will disable the engine signals optimized. The adaptation of the maps as well as the change in the injection quantity and the torque takes place through the installation in the common rail system.

Additional control unit in the bus

A bus with such a Additional unit has more power available if it is to be called up at short notice. And the one made performance increase can of course also be proven with a good tuner on the test bench and is usually around about 25 percent. Predominantly a touch better is a "real chip tuning“ for the commercial vehicle. No box is then installed here, but the software is installed directly on the engine control unit optimized. Proper chip tuning (whether box or on the MSG) changes the subjective driving experience. After that, the bus ride is just more fun. Incidentally, the factory engine software from the manufacturer is not overwritten or changed with a tuning box.

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Such tuning gives the bus more top speed, torque and better acceleration. And the fuel consumption can also be reduced because in the low speed range more torque is available. Of course, an appropriate driving style is required here. You can also easily assemble a power box yourself, because the additional control unit from a well-known manufacturer is sure to come with detailed assembly instructions including instructions for commissioning and installation. And the recovery from original state is easily possible due to the expansion at any time.

Good tuning models for chip tuning!

In principle, current vehicles always have the option of installing a tuning box or chip tuning if the fleet consists of vehicles with diesel engines. You will receive a tailor-made power box for the desired bus exclusively from a renowned tuner. With this you do not have to make any further changes after receipt before the chip is installed. The optimal power box can often be quickly selected and ordered using a configurator on the company's website. Shipping takes only a few days and the installation itself can be done quickly. This is the path from the purchase decision to the new driving experience with more power short and simple.

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Coach omnibus chip tuning commercial vehicles

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