Positive camber vs. negative camber - what should you watch out for?

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Positive camber vs. negative camber Positive camber vs. negative camber, what should you watch out for?

The angle between the wheel center plane and a perpendicular line to the road surface is called in technical jargon Camber or wheel camber designated. Sounds complicated at first, but it really isn't. The fall can be easily explained using an example. The green linethat you see is the so-called perpendicular to the roadway. The blue drawn line stands for the Wheel center plane and she's just running through the hoop. Using this example, you can now have a positive fall (lower graphic) detect. Would a more negative Fall (upper graphic) exist, then the wheel center plane would incline either upwards or downwards. Incidentally, a minimally negative fall is definitely a problem for a car üblich. Due to the slightly negative camber, the cornering forces can be better passed on. However, too high a negative fall is should not recommended as this negative can affect the life of the tires. Because of this, the fall should never more than 2 degrees in the negative lie.

The terms are explained in detail below!

The camber: The camber is also referred to in the tuning scene as "camber" and corresponds to the angle between the wheel center plane and a perpendicular line to the road. Should the upper surface of the tire outward be inclined, this is called a positive fall. Is the lower tire surface inclined outwards, the fall is negative. In the case of the "Camber-Tuning“Lie exclusively negative Angle in front and to a very exaggerated extent.

Negative fall: If the fall is negative, the consequences are not just purely visual. The camber settings are mainly in the professional racing an essential tool to control the response and cornering behavior. But even with conventional vehicles, the camber settings have an influence on the driving behavior. In principle, vehicles ex works always have a slight fall, but this is only noticeable when the steering wheel is turned strongly. Due to the slight fall, the contact surface in the curves is increased. This is especially important because the tires turn depending on the driving style deform significantly and in some cases the contact surface could even be halved without a fall.

Mini Cooper S F56 Bodykit Camber Tuning 15 Positive camber vs. negative camber, what should you watch out for?

But it's too big a negative fall not recommended, because the tires show wear more quickly due to the too large negative angle on the inside. In neurotic "razors", a negative fall can help the tires wear more evenly. Still, the fall should be for cars on the road no more than 2 degrees negative .

The camber and the driving behavior!

How the camber affects driving behavior is determined by several factors, such as the Power unit, the weight distribution and the main emphasis influenced. A negative camber increases the on a straight stretch Lock on the inside of the tires, as these are additionally stressed. This also makes deceleration or braking more difficult, but grip in the bends improved. Should your vehicle be over front-wheel drive you should definitely pay attention to the right fall. A camber that is too negative increases the general tendency to understeer with front-wheel drive. In contrast, too negative an angle with rear-wheel drive can cause oversteer when accelerating out of a corner.


In the tuning area you will often find very negative angles of up to 8 degrees. While a negative camber can be achieved to a certain extent by adjusting the chassis, you need for an even more negative angle special accessories. A fall that is too negative increases the wear and tear of the tires and also increases the stress on the individual Axle components. If the angle is too negative, according to the TÜV, a Insurance loss threaten or the vehicle could be declared unfit to drive.

Toyota Camry on Work W5S rims Camber Tuning 15 Positive camber vs. negative camber what should you watch out for?

Does a camber actually make sense?

Basically one cares slightly negative fall with a high-quality chassis and with proper installation for a clear Improvement of the driving characteristics. With a car neutral angle on the front axle and light negative angle On the rear axle (1,6 degrees), cornering behavior in terms of lateral hold, braking and accelerating out can be clearly seen improve. Every fall over 2-3 degrees does, however, from a technical point of view no longer make senseIf so, such a negative angle only has purely visual reasons. In individual cases it can happen that the suspension setting is not sufficient to change the camber in such a way. In general, falling in road traffic as well as in racing is always a compromise between cornering benefit and impairment of deceleration or tire wear. In everyday life, you should therefore keep your hands off Camber or stance accessories to let.

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