Carolina Squat: new concept in the scene with problems!

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Carolina Squat Cali Lean Squat Effect Tuning Carolina Squat: new concept in the scene with problems!

Have you ever heard of the term tuning "Carolina Squat" (also called Cali Lean, California Lean or Squatted Trucks) belongs? No? Neither have we so far. And he's still relatively new to the tuning scene. He comes from the field of off-road sports with special vehicles. They are meant Baja Trophy Trucks with Long stroke suspension. So with a chassis that has a lot of suspension travel to cushion the jumps of the off-roaders as best as possible. Such chassis are used in vehicles such as Dune buggies, the mentioned Baja vehicles or the so-called "Rock crawlers". In other words, with vehicles that have made it their business to climb over hill and dale. And apart from various competitions, this trend has now apparently also hit the streets. And specifically in the state North Carolinawhat's also the name Carolina Squats explained a little. But also in South Carolina, Louisiana and Georgia

Carolina Squat: only the show counts

Carolina Squat Cali Lean Squat Effect Tuning 1 Carolina Squat: new concept in the scene with problems!

But the trend is not one Long stroke suspension to be installed, but it consists of a very special set-up. The competition vehicles are usually clearly marked on the rear axle less suspension travel equipped as in front. That looks strange, but it protects the heavily loaded front axle in particular, because when jumping and then landing, the rear wheels touch the ground first and the force of the impact a little cushion. And that's exactly what they do Carolina Squat enthusiast, she raise the front axle partly oversized and lower at the same time the rear axle sharply. But the vehicles are not intended to jump over any obstacle, everything is just for show and is usually included huge wheels and more modifications combined.

Will the trend be banned soon?

But that's exactly what the state of North Carolina would like to do with one Bill proceed to put an end to the "trend". The draft stipulates that the front suspension three inches maximum May be raised if the stern is at the same time more than two inches is lowered. Why exactly you want to enact the law is currently unknown.

But we assume that the general visibility and the Headlight angle play a role. However, we wouldn't be surprised if the tuning scene featured specially configurable headlights counteracts. But still the topic of Visibility for the driver. Because there were apparently already diverse Rear-end collisions due to the extreme confusion to the front. info: Even if this type of tuning Carolina Squats is called, the trend has its origin in the Mexican state of "Baja California". There is also the legendary Baja 1000 instead of. In contrast to the performance off-roaders, the tuned road vehicles but none Cope with rough off-road slopes at over 200 km / h.

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