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Cover for the door catch - sensible or superfluous?

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Door strap cover Door stopper protection cover for the door strap Useful or unnecessary?

Things that the world does not need or a sensible accessory for your sweetheart on four wheels? We are talking about so-called door catcher panels, so plastic or metal parts that are mounted on the standard door hooks or door catch bands. The reason for such an operation comes from two very opposite camps: optics AND Use. That's really rare (At most from the camp of the retrofit carbon parts or particularly light tuning rims, one can claim similar). The visual advantages of these 99% originating from China mold panels are obvious: they cover unsightly, because often grease smeared and dirty entrance or exit openings of the door catch on the door or body. (There are for beide Ends of the tape solutions). Available are the covers made of plastic and metal, depending on the vehicle model and class. And now and then there are some made of carbon, or at least in carbon look.

partially already installed from the factory

Door strap cover Door stop protection 2 covers for the door strap Useful or unnecessary?

The fact that the door hinge with such a panel is reasonably protected from new dust and dirt can also be denied. In some premium manufacturers such as Mercedes or BMW, such panels are even installed standard and since such an OEM rarely uses something without benefit, the usefulness of these covers is obviously quite available. A subsequent installation of panels that completely enclose the band, but usually worthwhile only when the door catch cracks and begs for exchange. For the screwdriving effort for the expansion of a door is not to be despised, the heavy weight and the many cables to the sensors for side airbags, etc. of a modern car door even less. Loublich there are the variants of the aperture, which can be easily pushed onto the existing recording of the catch tape.

the protective function is undisputed

Door strap cover Door stop protection 3 e1573624338612 Cover for the door strap Useful or unnecessary?

This makes the installation done in no time and you probably do the door mechanics even a favor. It may look a bit different with the Disguises of the Door hook from, that is, the part of the body, which receives the lock of the door and the door almost holds. As a rule, it is a solid metal bracket, which is screwed to the body with two screws. The bezel then often covers only the screws and offers a small advertising space on which then typical sports signs such as the M of BMW, AMG of Mercedes, RS of Audi or Nismo of Nissan shine. Here, the protective function for the screws is minimal, the benefits therefore manageable. On the contrary, the complete closure of the door can be compromised and thus even danger in the event of an accident. Furthermore, there are panels that require a previous disassembly of the hook: There is a risk that when re-screwing the hook creates a slightly different position and your door does not close perfectly. An unnecessary and annoying thing. Approved, such panels are rather harmless for fishing hooks and tethers, as they just beautify visually and usually have no direct contact with moving parts of the car.

Door strap cover Door stop protection 4 covers for the door strap Useful or unnecessary?

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Door strap cover Door stopper protection cover for the door strap Useful or unnecessary?

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