Prevent engine damage with crankshaft protection!

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Crankshaft lock Central screw lock Prevent engine damage with crankshaft lock!

The central screw is also known as a crankshaft screw and is used in many gasoline engines (eg with the VW T4 engines) to find. Older car models in particular, such as those from BMW (S55 / N55), may have such a crankshaft screw, which tends to loosen over time and can cause engine damage. The screw is used to fix the toothed belt wheel and the vibration damper on the crankshaft stump. If the screw comes loose, it must be replaced. For older car models that have problems with the central screw, central screw locks are available for retrofitting.

Central screw lock for the crankshaft

Crankshaft locking system Central screw lock N55 S55 Prevent engine damage with crankshaft locking!

The central screw can be found in Otto engines and is, for example, a weak point in some older BMW engines. Central screw locks for M3 / M4 (S55) engines from BMW can be found in stores. Such locking is necessary because the central screw can come loose from the crankshaft over time. Loosening the central screw initially causes adjusted timing. Furthermore, loosening the central screw can also damage the engine. Specialized central screw locks are available from specialist dealers especially for the BMW S55 engines.

Central screw lock - when is it recommended?

A central screw lock for the crankshaft is particularly recommended for vehicles with improved performance. Even vehicle types that had problems with loosening central screws in the past should be retrofitted with such a lock. The central screw lock is often also referred to as a central screw lock. Suitable automotive parts are among the keywords Central screw lock or Central locking screws most likely to be found on the net. When purchasing, attention should be paid to suitability for the respective engine. For BMW S55 engines there is the central screw lock in the form of 8 fastening screws, which can be installed in a short time.

with performance-enhanced S55 engines

If you drive a BMW M3 or M4 with a performance-enhanced S55 engine, you should definitely ask the specialist workshop whether a central screw lock is necessary for the crankshaft. The S55 engines, at least the older versions from 2014, are well known for engine damage due to loosening central screws. Newer engines should no longer have the problem, however, as the screw connection on models was changed in late 2016 / early 2017. The friction disc behind the scar has been changed and the problem is said to have been solved. Nevertheless, it is advisable to ask a tuning or specialist workshop whether a power-enhanced motor should be equipped with a central screw lock. Without a central screw locking mechanism, correspondingly susceptible engines can result in engine damage, which can result in costs in the five-digit range. The central screw lock itself is available from well-stocked tuning retailers. The installation must of course be carried out professionally and only by experienced screwdrivers.

Central screw locking - conclusion

In some vehicles, the central screw connects the toothed belt wheel to the crankshaft stump. Over time, the screw can loosen and cause major engine damage. In certain car models, such as BMW vehicles with S55 engines, the problem is known and can be solved with a central screw lock. The lock is also referred to as a central screw lock and is particularly recommended for more powerful motors.

Crankshaft lock central screw lock N55 S55 2 Prevent engine damage with crankshaft lock!

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