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More feel when shifting - the clutch delay valve!

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Clutch Delay Valve CDV 2 e1582004262771 More feel when switching the clutch delay valve!

The throttle valve for the clutch is also known as the clutch delay valve and is referred to in English as the "Clutch Delay Valve". The abbreviation CDV can also be found as a common name in connection with the clutch delay valve. BMW in particular relies on the technology in vehicles such as the 3 series E90, the E81 1 series or the Z4 E89 up to the 5 series F10. But other manufacturers such as Dodge or Honda also work with it. The clutch throttle valve reduces the flow rate of the line fluid. When the clutch is actuated, liquid passes through the line and the throttle valve. The valve increases the coupling resistance and slows down the engagement. The factory-fitted throttle valve is often disadvantageous for the tuning area, but has its right to exist ex-factory in a series vehicle. More on the subject of the clutch throttle valve is explained below.

CDV - can make coupling difficult

Clutch Delay Valve CDV 3 Clutch Delay Valve More feeling when switching the clutch delay valve!

The throttle valve can make it difficult to engage. The reason for this is that the clutch slip point is more difficult to find. If the optimal grinding point is not reached, the coupling can be felt as jerky. Optimized throttle valves are available on the market for BMW vehicles to solve the problem. The optimized throttle valve can be quickly replaced by a skilled screwdriver or a car mechanic. In forums on the Internet it is sometimes also stated that the throttle valve has been completely removed. However, the throttle valve is not a senseless motor vehicle part, but is installed for good reasons.

Clutch throttle valve - what is the point?

Clutch Delay Valve CDV Clutch Delay Valve More feel when switching the clutch delay valve!

The throttle valve is designed to prevent clutch engagement and damage to the drive train. Without the valve, too much liquid would be passed through, which could damage the slave cylinder. Replacing the valve and installing an optimized throttle valve for the tuning area can make more sense than completely removing the throttle valve and driving without a valve. If you have installed such a valve from the tuning accessories, the sometimes extreme clutch resistance, the heavy clutch engagement and the slowed clutch pedal reset can no longer be heard. The feeling for engaging and finding the clutch slip point is no longer difficult.

What happens without a throttle valve?

For example, the complete expansion of the throttle valve is addressed in tuning forums. Without a throttle valve, the vehicle should get better acceleration by starting faster. The clutch when starting off and the shift from first gear to second should be quick and easy (Clutch pedal does not have to be operated as long as with valve). The forums state that the throttle valve is perceived as annoying (which is also true) and without the component starting off even works with significantly less speed. Fast shifting is also emphasized more often and rated positively. All this can be right, but driving without CDV for long-term use is not recommended. It is advisable to have the coupling area tuned only by specialists. The installation of the optimized throttle valve can be done by a specialist in less than 40 minutes. You usually only have to remove the underride guard and look for the valve in the direction of the driver's side, to the left of the gearbox. The line in front of the throttle valve must then be disconnected and the CDV can be exchanged 1: 1. Before any damage to the vehicle occurs, this step should be left to a technician.

Clutch throttle valve - conclusion

The clutch throttle valve is designed to prevent damage to the driveline and excessive fluid flow through the line. The throttle valve, which is installed ex works, can be a hindrance for tuners and sporty drivers and entries can be read in tuning forums that describe and recommend the removal of the valve. Optimized valves are available on the market, which can be used instead of complete removal. The main advantages after the exchange are: No more annoying clutch picking, no jerking, faster shifting, the feeling for the grinding point is better and the clutch is protected.

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