Threaded springs - the alternative to the coilover suspension!

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Thread springs Adjusting springs Sport springs Thread springs the alternative to the coilover suspension!

In vehicle tuning, lowering is one of the most commonly used techniques. This technique is used both to improve the driving characteristics, as well as the visual enhancement of a vehicle. Depending on the components used, however, the reduction is sometimes more or less successful. If you want to make sure that the lowering is as desired, then one of the best methods is the use of so-called coil springs.

Advantages over normal sports springs

Rowen International Body Kit 2019 Tuning Toyota RAV4 24 coil springs the alternative to coilover suspension!

In suspensions with conventional lowering springs, the spring length and thus the fixed amount of lowering is given almost invariably. For example, exactly 30 mm on each axle or on each suspension. The spring rate is fixed and can only be changed by the complete replacement of the springs. If you are lucky, then the result is consistent with the information in the report. If you're unlucky, then the lowering may be a few millimeters lower. Although the vehicle can lower a bit after a certain time, but that is not guaranteed. Likewise, the lowering can also be stronger than desired.

Thread springs - adjustable at any time

Coil Springs Coil Springs Sport Springs 2 Coil Springs the alternative to Coilover Suspension!

Threaded springs offer the advantage of infinitely variable adjustment of the travel and, in some cases, of the degree of hardness. So the suspension can be perfectly adapted to the particular vehicle. This benefits the appearance and also the driving behavior. Depending on the vehicle's center of gravity and weight distribution, conventional sport suspensions often result in an uneven distance from the wheels to the fenders, which results in the car appearing to be lower, for example, at the rear than at the front. Or the lowering in front is too much and behind too low. Then you have one wedge suspension, That rarely looks nice and optimal driving dynamics can then be no more talk. Another advantage of using coil springs is that the standard shock absorbers can be retained. If you do not overdo it with the lowering, then usually no damage to the factory damper can be expected. In a sports suspension, on the other hand, a set of new dampers is included. The price is then higher. When choosing coil springs for your wheeled pedestal you are not limited to a specific product. Every well-known manufacturer of vehicle springs like Eibach, MR or KW meanwhile also has threaded springs in a large selection in the delivery program.

Regulations for the installation of coil springs

TÜV Tuev Dekra test center KÜS Tuning coil springs the alternative to coilovers!

If you want to equip your vehicle with threaded springs, the same legal regulations apply as with any other sports suspension. Decisive here is the StVZO so you definitely need one ABE or a Teilegutachten in order to drive on public roads even after the conversion by car. The report requires a demonstration at the TÜV. If everything is correct, the thread springs are then entered in the vehicle documents.

Advantages of the thread springs at a glance

  • Often better appearance compared to a conventional lowering means Lowering springs or simple sports suspension.
  • Individual lowering while maintaining the standard shock absorbers.
  • Often no adaptation of the existing chassis electronics necessary.
  • Better steering behavior and generally better driving dynamics.
  • Uncomplicated height adjustment when installed.

At the end... Coil springs are an excellent solution if you want to lower your vehicle without having to change the entire suspension. Due to the individual adjustability, it is often possible to achieve a much better overall visual picture than with a conventional lowering.

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