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Accessories: The compass / inclinometer for the car!

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Compass clinometer inclinometer e1576676484404 Accessories: The compass / inclinometer for the car!

A compass and an inclinometer in the car are not uncommon. The articles are interesting for the tuning area and are a must, especially when traveling by car on other continents. While modern cars are often equipped with satellite GPS, elements such as a compass, satellite GPS and inclinometer may be missing from older vehicles. The articles can be easily retrofitted and are available for little money.

Compass / inclinometer

Compass inclinometer Clinometer 2 e1576676578779 Accessories: The compass / inclinometer for the car!

The compass and inclinometer is commercially available for many types of vehicles and can be retrofitted quickly. The articles are available in various versions and can have other useful functions. The interested tuner can, for example, choose a system that is equipped with satellite GPS and contains a high-precision signal module. Alternatively, there are also manual versions for quick installation. When buying, it should be ensured that the compass and inclinometer are suitable for the respective vehicle. Modern retrofit kits can be connected to the vehicle electronics or use the power connector on the cigarette lighter. Variants are also commercially available that trigger an alarm from a certain angle of inclination of the vehicle.

Compass display - what is it for?

Compass inclinometer Clinometer 3 e1576676683264 Accessories: The compass / inclinometer for the car!

The compass display shows the magnetic pole. More precisely, the magnetic north pole is displayed. The magnetic north pole is not to be equated with the geographic north pole. The geographic north pole and the magnetic north pole are different. This is also called "declination". The declination (Rejection or place rejection) is recorded on maps and there is usually an indication of an annual change. Such a compass serves as a guide in the car. The car compass is needed, for example, when traveling on the African continent and should be very robust.

Building a car compass

The car compass is a magnetic compass that is usually firmly attached to the car. The compass consists of a compass housing and a compass rose in the housing, which is magnetized. Due to the magnetization, the rose is always aligned with the magnetic north pole. By changing the direction, the housing of the compass changes its direction and the driver can see the direction in which he is driving.

How is the item assembled?

When assembling the compass, there must be no magnetic interference field within a 30 meter radius. There must be no metal devices or electrical cables nearby. A working handheld compass is required to adjust the compass. The car should be positioned so that the direction of travel is north. The car compass can then be adjusted according to the manufacturer's instructions. To check the correctness, an additional east-west alignment can also be carried out and the driver can see whether the auto compass really matches the vehicle and hand compass. The check should be carried out in order to identify any deviations. When changing direction, the compass must work properly so that the driver does not get the wrong direction indicator. When buying, you should definitely pay attention to qualitative articles with many good customer reviews.

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