Luxury on the go - retrofit a cool box in the car!

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Bar compartment, champagne compartment, cooling box, retrofitting a refrigerator Luxury, retrofitting a cooler in the car for on the go!

A cooling compartment in which drinks such as sparkling wine and lemonades or small dishes can be kept cool on long journeys is only something for the luxury class? No it is not! A champagne compartment can also be installed below the luxury segment and is a practical accessory for frequent travelers and families and also an eye-catcher. In addition, it is another option to keep food cool for a certain period of time if the vehicle already has a glove compartment or a cooled center console, for example. Many vehicles have this function ex works. But it looks different for the cool box as a separate refrigerator. The accessory is almost never available from the factory and is far from standard even in the luxury class.

Advantages of a built-in cooling compartment

Bar compartment Champagne compartment Cooling box Retrofitting a refrigerator 2 Retrofitting a cool box in the car for luxury on the go!

Classically, on a family outing or on vacation, you take small or larger cool bags with you, which work with the help of previously cooled cooling pads. Or you just use the mentioned option in the glove compartment or the center console by means of the air conditioning system connected to it. Unfortunately, the space here is often very limited. The advantage of another internal cooling system is obvious: no external cooling pads required, permanently installed and therefore safe from being thrown around during heavy braking or overtaking, as well as improved space management. The disadvantages are the dependence on the energy supply (Depending on the model, it only works when the ignition is active or only for a short period after the engine has been switched off) and the usually very small space. In addition, it is difficult for the driver to reach the compartment because it is usually installed in the rear part of the center console or in the backrest of the rear seat between the seats (depending on the vehicle). Such a vehicle is usually more of a 4-seater than a 5-seater. The cool box is still well suited for resting at motorway parking lots and as an eye-catcher for business partners traveling with you on the way to the meeting.

Installing a refrigerator in the car!

Bar compartment Champagne compartment Cooling box Retrofit refrigerator 7 e1596713261380 Retrofit a cool box in the car for luxury on the go!

Installation is relatively straightforward when the cooling function was already available for the vehicle at an additional cost. If the box is to be installed, a professional should still lend a hand, as electrical lines must be laid in the car. This applies in particular to the factory variant. In the case of simple devices from third-party suppliers to be set up, however, a few fastenings are usually sufficient. Of course, the price of the fixed and the simple devices differ considerably, although the following applies: fixed is safer. In the event of an accident or emergency braking, cool boxes that are not permanently installed can become detached from their holders and become projectiles.

Law & Power Consumption

Bar compartment Champagne compartment Cooling box Retrofitting a refrigerator 4 Retrofitting a cool box in the car for luxury on the go!

Retrofitting cool boxes in the car is of course not forbidden, but it is recommended that such interventions be carried out by specialists, unless you are a specialist yourself. And how does a new electronic device affect fuel consumption? Of course, it also applies to cool boxes, more electronic devices that are directly connected to the supply of the car, increase the consumption of energy and thus also the fuel consumption. But mostly only slightly. The situation is worse for electric cars, where the demand for electricity can increase significantly, especially if the batteries lose power over time.

Mobile cool box - what should you watch out for?

Bar compartment Champagne compartment Cooling box Retrofit refrigerator 6 e1596712817213 Retrofit a cool box in the car for luxury on the go!

An electric cool box is suitable. excellent for excursions and festival visits. In this way, drinks and food can be transported and stored in a cool place at the same time. And a thermoelectric box can even keep the contents warm. There are usually three cooling systems: Peltier, absorber and compressor. The first variant is suitable for cooling and heating. A good electric cool box has connections that can be expanded with a converter. Thus you also connect the box to 230 volts outside of the vehicle.

cooling boxAdvantagesDisadvantages
Electric cool boxas an electric cool box for the carimpractical for camping
Compressor coolerlarge dimensions, good cooling capacity, enables freezingnow and then operating noises, high costs
Thermoelectric cool boxlarge selection, different sizes, hot / chilled drinks and meals possiblepower supply always necessary
Cool box including absorberVarious power levels, noiseless, can also be used as a camping cool boxexpensive, high operating costs
Electric cooler bagsimilar to a cool box,
small / handy

Conclusion on retrofitting a cool box!

It's doable and worthwhile for people who travel a lot and drive long distances. However, permanent installation is not worthwhile for annual vacation once a year. And if you are a layperson, you should rely on the help of specialist workshops with permanently installed products. A cool box with a connection to the cigarette lighter is much more suitable for the trip on vacation. On the one hand, the volume of the box is much larger, and on the other hand, the individual installation position (behind the seats, firmly anchored in the back seat, in the trunk etc.) more practical. The cool boxes available ex works in a BMW 7 Series, an S-Class, a Rolls-Royce or in a Bentley with integration in the center console or the rear seat are more suitable for a bottle of sparkling wine and two glasses and are intended as eye-catchers to the luxurious claim of such Underline the vehicle. But they are not really useful.

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Bar compartment Champagne compartment Cooling box Retrofitting a refrigerator 5 Retrofitting a cool box in the car for luxury on the go!

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