Perfectly lubricated - hot screw compound (copper paste)

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Hot screw compound copper paste copper grease e1580284777582 Perfectly lubricated Hot screw compound (copper paste)

Copper paste is often used as a proven lubricant in the tuning area. But even normal maintenance work in the specialist workshop around the corner often uses copper paste. How sensible it is to lubricate certain automotive components is, however, controversial. The pros and cons of copper paste in vehicle tuning and in general with regard to the car are discussed in more detail below. Furthermore, the lubricant and lubricant is presented in more detail.

Copper paste - what is it?

Hot screw compound copper paste copper grease 2 Perfectly lubricated Hot screw compound (copper paste)

Copper paste is also known as screw and assembly paste. The technical term for the paste is "Hot screw compound". The paste is considered a lubricant and is intended to protect against corrosion. The paste has tiny copper particles that are present in the so-called carrier material. For example, silicone grease or polymers made of carbon and fluorine are used as carrier material. The latter are abbreviated to PTFE and are also known under the name Teflon.

Where is copper paste used?

Hot screw compound copper paste copper grease 3 Perfectly lubricated Hot screw compound (copper paste)

Copper paste is a release agent that has protective and "sliding" or "lubricating" properties. The paste is resistant to high temperatures and withstands aggressive chemicals. Due to the properties of the copper paste, the substance is used in areas that have to withstand high temperature conditions or aggressive chemicals. The paste is used, for example, in the area of ​​the car exhaust (junction) used. After all, screws and exhaust parts are exposed to high temperatures from the hot exhaust gases. Copper paste prevents the connection points from corroding. If the copper paste has been applied to all connection points (contact surfaces) of the motor vehicle exhaust, the components can often be easily removed, even after a long period of use.

Where should copper paste not be used?

Copper paste should not be used on aluminum components. Copper and aluminum react, which is why the use of an appropriate aluminum paste is advised. The reaction of aluminum and copper is called galvanic corrosion. As a result, the metal structure is adversely affected. The paste with copper particles should also not be used to lubricate rolling bearings. The particles contained in the paste can permanently destroy the bearing rolling surfaces. This leads to the failure of the rolling bearings and thus the failure of the corresponding component.

Where do hobbyists use copper paste?

Hobby tuners use the paste, for example, to lubricate the sliding surfaces of brake pads. In tuning forums you can read that the paste can be used very thin. The copper paste on the wheel contact surface (on the wheel hub) used on the brake disc. This is to prevent the rims from sticking, especially in winter, and can only be removed with force. The paste is also used on old threads to make them passable. In general, it is advisable to obtain an expert opinion before using copper paste. Lump-sum use on various connections, bearings, screws, etc. is not recommended. In contrast to other lubricants and lubricants, copper paste should be applied generously and over the entire surface. Only in this way can the separating effect occur. If a point is forgotten, it can later become stuck and become an inseparable connection.

What alternatives to copper paste?

Aluminum paste is recommended as an alternative on aluminum. In tuning forums, Plastilube is mentioned as a universal lubricant. Plastilube is considered to be cheaper, thicker and therefore easier to apply. In addition to a lubricating effect, Plastilube should also dampen vibrations and therefore be better suited for brake assembly. Before a hobby tuner picks up a lubricating paste, they should inquire about the correct paste composition in a specialist workshop. Specialists and the paste supplier can generally provide extensive information about which paste is suitable for which motor vehicle part. Before applying the respective lubricating paste, the manufacturer's instructions and application instructions should be carefully observed.

Conclusion of copper paste

The copper paste is an ideal lubricant and release agent, for example for critical vehicle applications. Wherever heat and chemically aggressive liquids or gases occur, copper paste can lubricate permanently and effectively and separate the components. Baked or rusted components with a copper paste are a thing of the past.

Hot screw compound copper paste copper grease 4 e1580285121640 Perfectly lubricated Hot screw compound (copper paste)

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