Make more durable with chic - copper-plating components on the car!

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Coppering Rims Copper Coating Coppering Make your car more durable with fancy copper parts!

Automotive components can be refined in various ways and thus made more durable. Besides processes like that nickel-plate, The Galvanizing and the chroming the components can too coppers become. This refinement is also known as galvanic copper plating and offers various advantages for many automotive components. Which vehicle components can be copper-plated and how the refinement works is explained below as an example.

Copper plating - what is it?

Copper rims Copper coating Copper 2 Make copper more durable with chic components on the car!

Copper plating describes a process in which copper is applied to metallic surfaces. The copper plating is carried out with a potassium cyanide buyer oxide solution. If steel, bar iron or cast iron are to be copper-plated, then a solution of caustic soda, copper vitriol and Seignette salt is usually used. It is important that the metal to be coppered is first covered with a layer of lead so that the iron does not rust under the copper layer. The metal is processed in further steps and finally treated with graphite powder to make it conductive. Copper plating is not an easy process, but it leads to durable objects / components and can also be interesting for many automotive components. About 1 to 2 mm thick coatings can be produced with copper. Zinc and brass are coppered by processes other than iron. The material that is to be copper-plated is decisive for the choice of the copper-plating process.

Copper and brass copper plating

The copper-plating of zinc, for example, is carried out differently than the copper-plating of brass or iron. With zinc, you heat tartar, carbonate of copper oxide and water to a temperature of 75 ° C and then add whiting chalk. And so long until the "roar" stops. The precipitate is then filtered and washed, and all liquids are combined. The previously brightly pickled objects are then placed in this liquid and after a few minutes you can see a nice copper plating. For the copper-plating of zinc, tartar, water and copper peroxide are absolutely necessary, which must be heated. The whiting chalk is also needed. For copper plating of brass the brass must first be heated and quenched in chlorine zinc solution. Then it is boiled in a copper-containing zinc solution. It depends on the base material whether copper plating of motor vehicle components is possible or sensible. The purpose of the refinement is usually to make the material more durable and also to get a more elegant look.

Copper plating of automotive components

Copper plating as a refinement of metals is visually interesting. For example, copper-plated drive shafts are commercially available. There is also talk of copper-plated rims in tuning forums and there are offers on the Internet to have rims coppered in a complex manner. The same applies of course to any type of screws or brackets, etc. It is advisable to either purchase directly copper-plated automotive components or have the coppering carried out by a specialist workshop. There are also colored paints that can create an optical copper effect on the rim. In addition, not every material can be refined with copper. Which refinements are possible and useful can be requested in a specialist or tuning workshop. Cheaper alternatives may be possible.

Conclusion for coppering components

Coppering rims Copper coating Coppering Make copper with copper components more durable!

Copper plating is a copper plating process that provides a metallic surface with a copper layer. An item can be made more durable through the refinement and has a high-quality copper look. The process of copper plating varies from metal to metal, but is almost always possible. Drive shafts and rims are available in copper-plated versions, for example, but also small screws, nuts and washers can be refined. However, other refinement alternatives may be cheaper and also more sensible for certain motor vehicle components.

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Copper rims Copper coating Copper 3 Make copper more durable with chic components on the car!

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