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Self-made coupe? Stand out with a coupé conversion!

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Coupeau conversion two-door tuning self-made coupe? Stand out with a coupé conversion!

If you want to tune your car and are looking for a sportier style, you can sell your car and buy the one you want, or, for example, order the conversion of the vehicle into a coupé. Limousines can be converted to a two-door model by an experienced tuning company. No matter whether luxury sedans or variants, in other price ranges, with a conversion, the sedan can become an exciting coupé that is not to be seen on every corner.

Coupe conversion - what is necessary for this?

Mcchip DKR Bentley Mulsanne Coupe conversion tuning 7 1 Selfmade Coupe? Stand out with a coupé conversion!

Extensive body work is usually necessary to convert a sedan into a coupé. Roughly comparable to the Transformation to a convertible, to the Combo or for practical Pickup, Furthermore, the interior must be redesigned. Good tuning companies can also increase the performance of the vehicle, for example through chip tuning. Modern tuners carry out a surface scan of the vehicle in its original form and, thanks to the scan, can create suitable CAD designs. The constructed parts fit exactly to the respective vehicle and make it possible to redesign the car or convert the coupe.

What are the steps?

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The conversion to a coupé requires extensive conversion of the body and should only be carried out by experienced tuners or tuning companies. You can find tuning companies that specialize, for example, in converting certain luxury sedans into coupes. The necessary body work should be determined and simulated using the latest methods. Tuning workshops use computer simulations for this. After the simulation, the vehicle is completely dismantled. After dismantling, a surface scan is carried out. Modern tuning workshops use a 3D scanning arm to scan the vehicle effectively. After the scan, the data obtained are used to calculate the coupe shape. The actual conversion then begins.

Coupe conversion - achieve a coupé shape

When the coupe shape has been calculated, the C-pillars are professionally separated and adapted to the coupe shape. Furthermore, the frames of the rear windows often have to be repositioned. When converting a coupe, the B-pillars are usually moved and the front doors are extended or replaced by doors from another coupe. The parts required for the coupé conversion should be of high quality and adapted by the tuning company exactly to the needs of the vehicle. Depending on the tuning company, qualitative carbon parts, for example in the roof area, can be used. Side panels may also be necessary as an insert between the B-pillar and the C-pillar in order to achieve the coupe shape. The converted areas should be filled, sanded and varnished accordingly to complete the exterior. Sills and side doors must also be treated.

Coupe conversion - note interior fittings

In addition to the complete vehicle painting after the outer area has been properly filled and sanded, it is also important to adapt the interior. Side windows and the appropriate frames must also be installed. The interior, which was removed before the coupé conversion, is revised and professionally reinstalled in the vehicle. Also not to be forgotten are new seats to allow access to the rear. After all, the rear doors are gone. However, if the vehicle is only to act as a two-seater, this is not necessary. In this case, you should then remove the back seat and use, for example brace provide additional support. These changes are also important for later full acceptance so that the inspector enters the vehicle as a two-seater. If the car is not registered as a two-seater, access to the rear must be guaranteed. The renovation work, both outside and inside, is very extensive and requires experienced tuners. Only the most modern techniques should be used, which guarantee an effective coupé conversion. Experienced tuning companies can easily be found on the Internet.

cheap way

Coupeau conversion two-door tuning 2 e1576414311730 self-made coupe? Stand out with a coupé conversion!

Of course there is also the possibility to convert the four-door into a two-door in a very simple way. Here you simply weld the rear doors, remove the door handles and bring the bodywork into a harmonious shape with the rest of the silhouette. Visually, however, this is often not the best solution. The proportions of the vehicle then rarely match. Often the front doors are just too short and the windows from the 4-door are also too. The problem with the back seat remains. If you want to seriously convert your car into a coupe, contact a specialist company and get advice.

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