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TracknGo AD Bolvin Track System Caterpillar Drive 3 Crawler Track / Crawler Drive for the Car For Offroad Fans

For four-wheel drive vehicles, there are systems that make it possible to retrofit the car in just 5 minutes with a track system. When retrofitting the caterpillar drive, in some systems not even the tires need to be removed. As a rule, only expedition vehicles, snow groomers and chain drive tanks are used. But there are conversion kits, for example from the company AD Bolvin from the Canadian Quebec, Levis, which transform almost every four-wheel drive vehicle into a vehicle with a chain system. The system listens to the name Track'n'Go, The manufacturer promises that the retrofitting should be done in a few minutes and very comfortable. On the homepage of the manufacturer videos are available, which confirm this promise.

Assembly of the caterpillar kit

TracknGo AD Bolvin Track System Caterpillar Drive 4 Crawler Track / Crawler Drive for the Car For Offroad Fans

The kit consists of four separate modules, each of which is connected to one of the bikes. The chain modules are positioned behind and in front of the vehicle for assembly. The vehicle is driven onto the individual chain modules. For this purpose, the kit has an extendable frame that serves as a ramp. A certain ground clearance and a certain Approach angle are necessary for driving up. With a deep down Vehicle is this variant should not available. Subsequently, all four chain modules are connected by means of a special screw connection with the wheel hub and thus with the vehicle. The chain modules are additionally attached to the frame of the car by means of a safety chain.
According to the manufacturer, retrofitting to the off-road vehicle or to the snow groomer should be completed within approximately 15 minutes in almost every four-wheel drive vehicle.

When is it used?

Once the chains are mounted and the vehicle has been converted to a real tracked vehicle, you can start on the snow slope. Offroad fans can move off-road at a maximum speed of 40 Km / h. If you move with such a tracked vehicle on solid ground, a maximum speed of 60 Km / h can be achieved.

Which options exist?

Mattracks Crawler Track Caterpillar Crawler Track / Crawler Drive for the Car For off-road fans

The chain kit from the Canadian manufacturer is as far as we know already isolated on the market, but according to the manufacturer, the technology is still in the development stage. Neither a possible price nor a possible market launch is currently given any information. You can not buy it on the website so far. But for those who want to convert their vehicle into an all-rounder vehicle, there are plenty of alternatives. The American manufacturer Mattracks offers, for example, a system for four-wheel drive vehicles. The only limitation is that gross vehicle weight of 3,5 tons. In this system, however, the wheels must first be removed. And the chain system weighs altogether stately 300 Kg. The assembly is not so easy and requires a certain technical expertise.

Advantages disadvantages?

The advantage of the Canadian company's system is obvious; While the wheels have to be removed from other providers, the tires of the tracked car with the Track'n'Go are part of the drive. The standard tires drive the chains. However, in addition to the condition that the vehicle must have all-wheel drive, an automatic transmission must also be available differential lock a condition to be fulfilled. And not to despise is the clear Lift Kits, which goes hand in hand with the assembly.

TracknGo AD Bolvin Track System Caterpillar Drive 2 Crawler Track / Crawler Drive for the Car For Offroad Fans

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