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You want to tune your car and are looking for examples of how you can personalize your vehicle, especially in the interior individually? Then customizable door sills are something for you. Door sills are available in many variants in the trade and the first thing you see when you enter your vehicle cabin. For example, you can buy self-adhesive items that are already in many patterns. In addition to the self-adhesive variants that you can quickly assemble yourself, also articles with LED technology and lighting are available. These usually have to be connected to the power circuit of the car and this in turn requires expertise. A witchcraft but it is not usually thanks to the instructions.

Eyecatcher - individual door sills

Door sills, door sills, sill guards, tuning 3 Get in with style, individual door sills in the car

Door sills you can choose according to your own wishes and usually quickly install in the car. You have the choice between different materials, such as foil material, carbon, aluminum and stainless steel. The stainless steel and carbon variants are particularly durable and robust. Just like the foil material, the stainless steel door sills are also available as self-adhesive and pre-formed articles. You can choose the bars directly by car type or buy universal door sills that fit in many car models. When buying, you should read the product descriptions carefully to find out if the item is suitable for your car model.

Door sills - what are their advantages?

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The door sills have the following advantages:

  • they protect the entrances
  • they can be used for individual autotuning
  • they can serve for the visual improvement of damaged entrances
  • They are available in many variants
  • they are easy to assemble
  • they are partly available for under 10 €

Door sills - eye-catchers and tuning accessories

Door sills can be used in the autotuning area to customize a vehicle. In the market, variants are available that are specially tailored to vehicle types and list, for example, the vehicle model as lettering (Mercedes-Benz, Polo, Astra, etc.). There are also articles that highlight the corresponding lettering by LED lighting. To assemble these articles, however, some expertise is required when it comes to door sills with a fixed power supply. A tuning workshop can help you. Do you buy a set of door sill panels with batteries eliminating the need to lay the cables naturally. The door sills you can choose according to your wishes. For example, if your door sills have scratches, then you can order self-adhesive door sills as a repair kit. The look is significantly improved and the scratches are expertly covered.

Door sills - what to look for when buying

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When buying door sills for car tuning, you should look for suitable items for your vehicle type. For example, in the trade, the items are provided with size information and you can determine whether you can assemble the door sills with you. Often sets for the driver and passenger side are available. In addition to the driver and front passenger side, the product descriptions may also contain other installation information, such as the front door and / or the rear door. You should pay attention to the appropriate installation location. Variants made of stainless steel, for example, are highly polished and have adhesive strips on the back. Pay attention to the self-installation of door sills on the appropriate size and a tight fit.

Who has the choice…

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