American luxury tires: the “Custom Luxury” tires!

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Vogue Tire Whitewall Tire Luxury Tuning American luxury tires: the “Custom Luxury” tires!

"Custom Luxury" from Vogue, an American company with a history. A tire brand and a phenomenon, no other brand has won so many famous customers for itself. Clark Gable praised Vogue tires. The rapper Snoop Dogg and other celebrities use these hoops.

Everything has to fit, including the tires.

Vogue Tire Whitewall Tire Luxury Tuning 2 American luxury tires: the “Custom Luxury” tires!

It is a niche market, the right tires for classic cars and two-wheelers, where the big manufacturers want to deliver. Perhaps best known are the tires with the white sidewalls. These tires, which are sought after for classic cars, are also available in Germany from Avon, Continental, Dunlop, Firestone, Maxxis, Metzeler, Pirelli or Vredestein. The cheap models can start at 60 euros and expensive models can cost up to 650 euros - apiece! An inexpensive model is the Maxis MA-1. At the other end of the price list you can find a model from Avon, the ZZ. This tire is part of the original equipment of classic cars from manufacturers such as Aston Martin, Bentley or Jaguar. Regardless of whether the vehicle belongs to a collector or is an exhibit, it should be as close as possible to the original, and that includes the tires, of course.

Vogue Tire Whitewall Tire Luxury Tuning 3 American luxury tires: the “Custom Luxury” tires!

In the United States, that is "Custom Luxery" popular with many companies to perfectly equip classic cars. Of course, the vehicle owners get help in all respects if they have any questions, regardless of whether it concerns the technology, the appearance of the vehicle or the tires. The Vogue Tire brand is a real luxury product, which is especially intended for picky customers. The brand has existed for over 100 years and has remained true to its concept despite various crises.

Vogue means "fashion" in German.

In historical terms, Vogue Tire offers the "Vintage" style and the "Custom Luxury" style already mentioned. In the period after the First World War, before the Second World War came, the Whitewall tires. These are the tires already mentioned with the eye-catching white sides. In the 60s, the elegant sedans were given tires with a golden stripe. Vogue has the patent for these tires. Nothing came after that that was even more elegant. No wonder Vogue Tire has many customers who are well-known Hollywood actors or music stars. Harry Hower founded Vogue Tire in Chicago in 1914. As a former chauffeur, he knew exactly what was important when it came to tires, quality and appearance.

How did the whitewall tires come about?

The Woodbury family was wealthy and made tires for carriages. They offered Harry Hower a collaboration. Hower had a good sense for business. The name "Vogue" is still associated with luxury to this day. The tires with the white sidewalls fit perfectly into the concept. How did the whitewall tires come about? At that time, the tires were still at the beginning of their development. Various substances should improve the quality. One additive was zinc oxide. Zinc oxide took care of the white parts of the tire. However, the mixture had to be enriched with soot in order to make the tread resistant.

Clark Gable and the tires for his car.

The fact that the Vogue brand became a hit with the stars is thanks to the owner at the time. In the economic crisis at the end of the twenties, many tire manufacturers had to close their doors. Then the service began to manufacture special tires to order for the stars from Hollywood. Clark Gable was one of the stars of the time who took advantage of this service. Dolores del Rio and Marion Davis were also customers of Vogue. You played together with Gable in the 1936 film "Cain and Mable". Other customers of the tire brands were the director and Oscar winner Marvyn LeRoy, the composer Paul Whitman and the actor Cary Cooper. The cars that were popular with the stars at the time, such as American Underslung or Nozzle mountain, were fitted with tires from Vogue.

Clark Gable Duesenberg American luxury tires: the “Custom Luxury” tires!

Lloyd Dodsen bought the Chicago company in 1942. Before the purchase, Dodson had taken over the agency for Vogue on the west coast of the USA. Dodsen led the company for 54 years until he passed away in 1996. In 1990 he was honored to be inducted into the Tire Industry Hall of Fame. The tires with the letter V changed during this time. The V stands for a speed index and currently means up to 240 km / h. The first Radial tires came up then too.

Vogue is sticking to the whitewall tires.

The black tires largely replaced the “whitewall” type tires before the Second World War. Decades later, however, they were in demand again, especially for elegant sedans and classic motorcycles. Good that Vogue stuck to the whitewall tires, unlike many other manufacturers. Collecting vintage cars began at the end of the last century, as did the advent of the retro look. The whitewall tires were in demand again and Vogue Tire was able to position itself on the market again.

Snoop Dogg made the tires known

67 Cadillac Fleetwood Snoop Dogg e1633580728147 American luxury tires: the "Custom Luxury" tires!

American rappers and other music stars had a penchant for souped-up, avant-garde cars. Greg Hatchcock, the current managing director, sees the company's success in following urban trends. The members of ZZ Top are just as much fans of the classic tire as the singer Kid Rock. With the song "White Wall", the hip-hop stars Macklemore and Ryan Lewis even set a monument to the tire. Ludacris gave the tire a sign with the song "Rollin`on Vogue Tires". But Snoop Dogg remains the best brand ambassador. In addition to a few songs that revolve around the tire, he has a '67 Cadillac Fleetwood, of course with the right tires, a huge advertisement. The tires were delivered due to a special order from the singer.

Where are the tires currently available?

Models like the Lexus LS and the Infiniti G37 are fitted with Vogue Tires in the USA. Even the new muscle cars do not want to do without the nostalgic tires, as in the Camaro from Chevrolet or the Challenger from Dodge.

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