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CutOut System Tuning Exhaust System e1583386774728 Soundinferno the CutOut system for the exhaust!

For a long time, the engine type could be recognized immediately by the sound when starting, during normal driving and especially under load. But nowadays this is hardly possible. Even a V8 is often so quiet from the factory that you don't know whether it's a three-cylinder or a four-cylinder or even a hybrid. With a CutOut system that is over, because the rear silencer is bypassed and everyone can hear what's going on under the hood. This gives you the engine sound of a racing car at the push of a button. In order to achieve an even better result, the bypass can be placed further towards the motor.

available for almost every system

CutOut System Tuning Exhaust System 2 e1583386893872 Soundinferno the CutOut System for the exhaust!

There are many designs. That's why researching which CutOut system fits my vehicle is the most important thing. If the structural conditions of the vehicle permit, you can even do without welding. A piece of the exhaust pipe z. B. cut out in front of the rear silencer. Exactly the length of the piece is determined by a kind Y-pipe replaced. The exhaust gases are practically branched off in front of the silencers and released into the wild. The branch can then be closed or opened with the flap control, as required. The exhaust gases either take the regular route through the rear silencer or the route with the better sound outside. In principle, the system is nothing else than one conventional flap system with remote control for the rear silencer. Many CutOut systems are equipped with a remote control, so the exhaust flap can be controlled remotely. However, you should first think about where the bypass is positioned in order to be able to safely route the valve's power supply. Also for the recipient, enough space z. B. near the fuse box. The remote control fits comfortably on the keychain.

Installation is generally not difficult

CutOut System Tuning Exhaust System 3 e1583387143136 Soundinferno the CutOut System for the exhaust!

You can also do it in a space-saving way. To do this, place the bypass, with all the clamps, at the desired location on the exhaust pipe and you're done. It's basically not a science! If everything fits without striking, the position is marked precisely. To be able to work properly, the exhaust must now be dismantled. The marked position is now cut out. A router is used for the corners. The bypass is then welded to the opening or alternatively screwed on (depending on the system). When this is done, the exhaust is reinstalled. Now only flange the electrical exhaust flap and route the power supply. Before finally tightening, make sure that the exhaust gases are not directed anywhere to the body. Remember: the closer the bypass is to the engine, the hotter the exhaust gases and the louder the result.

What are the benefits?

Depending on the version, there is an increase in engine output of up to 20 hp since most engines respond positively to the lack of back pressure. With the engine sound you definitely stand out. And you can switch back to the serial state at the push of a button. Caution: If the selected CutOut system has no approval for the vehicle, the general operating license expires. Use in public road traffic is not recommended.

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Toyota Crown Athlete Sense Brand Exhaust Tuning 3 Soundinferno the CutOut system for the exhaust!

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